I'm rachel, I'm passionate about helping lead women on a path of self discovery through fitness.


Rachel: Story

From a young age I was involved in every activity imaginable.  Dance, gymnastics, cross country and track, soccer, volleyball, field hockey - you name it, I played it.  When it came time to choose a field of study, kinesiology was a obvious choice.  Originally having my sights set on becoming a dentist, fitness instructing and personal training began only as a summer job. 

As I developed and ran my own fitness classes, I quickly released that I not only saw remarkable improvements in people’s physical strength, but their mental health and well-being too! Having a career that allowed me to be involved in igniting positive change in another person’s life is something I never knew could have existed. From then on, my life has been devoted to helping people lead their best lives and achieve their best self.

Discover You was created from my own personal experience through movement.  Throughout high school and university I struggled with anxiety.  Exercise was my medicine. Through movement, I was able to leave my worries at the door, train, and then approach whatever problems I was having with a clear mind.  During the last few years I have really understood how impactful a well-rounded, healthy life can be.  It is not only one component but all aspects of our lives that lead us to being the best version of ourselves we can be.


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The Discover You Community

{Description }The best part of Discover You is that there is a community to help you reach your goals.  Everyone has the opportunity to learn from one another, confide in each other, and find a tribe that pushes you to new heights.  My hope is that Discover You is that place for you.on


Mission: to foster a community of women by generating awareness for positive fitness habits, self-care rituals, and confidence for everyday life.

Vision: to lead women on a path of self-discovery through fitness