Rachel is a vibrant and energetic trainer who is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a bachelor in Kinesiology.  She played varsity field hockey for the U of T Varsity Blues for four years, exposing herself to high performance strength and conditioning training regimes.  Even before Rachel started university she has had a major passion for fitness, including outdoor sports, dance, cross country and strength training on her own. She has been instructing group fitness and personal training throughout her undergraduate years in the Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto areas and is currently based out of downtown Toronto. 


Rachel’s mission is to ensure that each and every one of her clients develops confidence and reaches their goals through a positive, yet challenging training environment.  Rachel looks forward to working with you to help you achieve all of your health and fitness aspirations.






Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Toronto, 2016

Can Fit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist

Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Barreworks Barre Certified Instructor

Zumba Certified Instructor

DTS Powerlifting Fundamentals 

DTS Kettlebell Level 1 Fundamentals 



I met Rachel at her Zumba class at U of T. I wanted to kick my exercise regime up a notch and asked her about her personal training sessions. We've been working out together for a couple of months now and I am always happy to go in and see her. She is so encouraging, and I love how she explains every exercise and gives helpful hints to maintain the form. She pushes you out of your comfort zone, in a good way, and teaches some new exercises that sometime target the same muscles. This takes out the "routine" feel of it, and helps me accommodate my at-home workouts if a piece of equipment is missing. She kicks your butt without yelling at you, which is always a plus. Highly-recommended!! 

Patty, 23

Rachel is one of the main reasons I stayed a member of the U of T gym even after moving a bit farther away. Her classes are challenging, and her energy and constant smile are infectious! I go to her NTC classes as often as I can and feel myself getting stronger every week. Her Zumba class is really fun, but also a great workout, better than most other Zumba classes I've tried.

Julie, 28

I attended Rachel's Zumba and Nike Training Club classes on a weekly basis for over a year. I wanted to strengthen my core muscles and be quicker on my feet so I could be a better salsa dancer. In Zumba, Rachel's choreography complements the music so well and she's got one of the most intense workouts I've encountered in a Zumba class. I remember my legs would feel like jelly during some songs but I couldn't stop because it was so much fun. Her Nike Training Club class was even more challenging, especially because she was extra diligent in correcting our form and breathing, but well worth the stamina and the legs of steel I developed after a few months. I became a stronger salsa dancer and took up running when I realized I had a newfound ability to take off like a gazelle. Last year I completed my first marathon.
Rachel's classes helped me cope with the most stressful and overwhelming days of my university life. Starting the day with her Nike class gave me the confidence to tackle the day's challenges the same way I did her squats-–chest forward, chin up. Ending a day with her Zumba class allowed me to sweat all my stress away and go home relaxed with a big smile on my face.
What makes Rachel special is the amount of thought, care and professionalism she puts into her classes--she just oozes with passion for her craft. Rachel's Zumba class was one of the first I ever attended. I was often the only male in her class and although at first I felt a little uncomfortable, she created an environment where I was able to relax and focus on doing what I love. I was encouraged to push myself to my best limits.
If you're looking to transform yourself in a supportive yet challenging environment without the unnecessary pressure of some of the military style coaching out there, let Rachel show you the way.

Zain, 28