My body is more than my appearance

Our lives are often spent in comparison - comparing ourselves to other people and places, and also comparing ourselves to what we were previously.  I too often hear clients reminiscing on old times of looking a certain way, weighing a particular amount, or getting back to their pre baby/wedding/university weight. Then, because we are busy looking back, we don’t often realize the capabilities our bodies currently possess and where they may be heading.

In a society where we receive instant gratification and almost always based on our appearance, it makes total sense that we may feel insecure when those things change. Think about your first moments of an interaction with someone else. It is usually spent saying how great they look or how amazing their hair is that day. Compliments based on appearance are not bad, but it can become a problem when that is the only thing we feel valued for. 


Your value does not lie in how your body looks.

Over the last several months I have made a conscious effort to ask people how they are feeling, to ask about their career or even simply how their day is, rather than always taking the easy route of complimenting appearance. These small steps are simple reminders to the person on the receiving end that they add more value than simply their appearance to this world.

From a fitness professional perspective, I know a lot of people get hung up on the weight, the size of the pants, or the way they look. My goal is to make people aware of their bodies as being more than just an appearance. Take a moment to thank your body for having the capability to move - something we often take for granted. Every day you wake up and choose to move, whereas some people unfortunately don’t have that luxury. Can you lift heavy things? That is pretty awesome! Can you hold your own body weight up in a plank? Amazing! All of these things to be grateful for and none have to do with your outward appearance. We don’t move for a quick fix, we want to be movers for life.

Life is not a straight, steady line. Throughout the lifespan our bodies change and as such your appearance changes too. It does not mean that it is bad or needs to go back to how it was before. No one ever mentally or emotionally thinks of living in the past so why think we need to physically get back to that past time. Your body adjusts to protect you and allow you to give your best effort for what you need at that given time. It is time be become proud of the current body we are in as it functions well for us to be exactly where we need to be at this moment.

This week, I challenge you to take five minutes to yourself and create a list of things that make you proud of your body, none of which can relate to physical appearance.  When you can shift your focus from appearance to gratitude, you will learn to love your body more as you begin to realize all that your body enables you to do. Love your body - it is the only place we have to live.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Love YoSelf Workshop Recap

Last Wednesday, Brittnei, founder of #itsalifestyle and I combined forces to bring to the community our body image and body positivity workshop creation - Love YoSelf. Although I have run a panel discussion on the topic, this was the first time that I was going to be hosting an interactive workshop where the attendees could reflect, share and learn throughout our two hours together.

Before putting anything out to the rest of the world, I am always a little nervous as to how it will be received. When you are the one creating the content, you always have a different perspective than those on the outside looking in. I am so thrilled with the feedback we received and Brittnei and I are excited to continue to offer this workshop in the future.


The underlying goals I have at any of my workshops, panels, events, or classes is the following:

  • thank yourself for making time out of your schedule for you
  • reflect on your strengths and understand how to tackle your weaknesses
  • learn something new about yourself you didn’t know prior to attending

I want people to be better when they leave. Even if it is one small ounce of change, motivation, or inspiration, I want to ensure people have a take away to help them on their way once the event, workshop, or class is over. Especially after my classes, but this can be applied to anything I offer, remember the feeling you have and use it as motivation to help you create the change you are looking for.


This workshop in particular was a HUGE success. Not only was it the most well received workshop I have run from a client perspective, but I also think that it was the most impactful on myself as the facilitator. Maybe it was the combination of people, the content and activities, or my co-facilitator, but everything exceeded my expectations. It is something truly magical to bring women of all ages, sizes, experiences, perspectives all together in one place and realize that we aren’t all so different. We recognized that regardless of who we are, relationships with friends and family, our work environment, our nutrition and movement, our self care, and social media all reflect how we perceive ourselves.

Life will have its ups and downs - that is why it is often referred to as a roller coaster! The most important thing to do is to understand and surround yourself with the people and things that make you most happy and to eliminate or reduce the things that don’t fill you up inside. Positivity breeds more positivity and it all starts with you. When you can feel good on the inside it is then reflected on the outside not only through yourself but through the energy you give off to the world and the connections you can make with others.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Happy International Women's Day 2018!

Happy International Women’s Day! To say this is my favourite day of the year is a complete understatement. All day I was surrounded by 60+ women who committed an hour of their time today to bettering themselves. I love every moment I share with my clients as I see them push outside of their comfort zones and accomplish new things. I love having the opportunity to provide my clients with the space to learn something new about themselves when they come to class. So today, in honour of those moments of learning and progress in my classes, I have put together my list of things that I have learned to help me along as I strive to be the best woman I can be.

1. Family matters. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. My mom has been and continues to be the most ideal female role model. She is confident in her own skin and speaks up to share her opinions always. She sticks up for what she believes in. My brothers and my dad continue to support me in all of my endeavours and have pushed me to be my best, regardless of my gender or what the aspiration was. I know I can seek support or guidance from my family at any point and know they will be there for me.

2. Close friends are essential. It wasn’t until I finished university and have been officially in the working world the past few years that I have been forever grateful for the close-knit group of friends I have. I was never the girl who had a million and one friends and I am so happy for that. The girls (and some guys) I have in my life are always in my corner no matter what. I can go to them for advice, a shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, and even a few enjoy baseball as much as me! 

3. Boys aren’t that important. Now although these are lessons I said I have learned, I must admit this one I am still learning. I love being alone and having quiet time. I don’t think I want this single life forever but I am still having to constantly remind myself, and be reminded by others, that guys aren’t always worth your time. I am thankful that I have so many other amazing pieces to my life that are going well for me that I don’t need to get too hung up on this always. My career is truly my passion and the day I find someone who understands that and respects me for who I am is the day that I maybe agree to compromise my all work (and some small amounts of play - again, usually for the Blue Jays!)

4. One woman’s success doesn’t mean that you have failed. I am all about #womensupportingwomen. My goal is to lead women on a path of self-discovery through fitness. The other professionals I am surrounded with often have values that align with mine and so I try to support them in as many ways as I can. Whether it is sharing about their events with others, attending classes or workshops, or chatting about our struggles or success, I want to be there for my fellow females. Just because we are proud of someone else’s accomplishment, doesn’t mean we need to question ourselves or compare. Everyone is doing their thing, on their terms, in their time.


5. Community is everything. The communities I have created at all of the studios and gyms I teach at and the growing Discover You community mean the world to me. I love getting to know my clients on a deeper level than just how long they can hold a plank for. My purpose for Discover You is to allow opportunities for women to connect, learn, and grow alongside and from one another. I see the commitment you have to me - waking up early, Friday night workouts, etc - and know that I am just as committed to each and every one of you. Without you, Discover You cannot be the powerful female force it is becoming.

“To tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her what she can.” - Spanish Proverb

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Love YoSelf - regardless of what they say!

At what point in your life did you go from a small infant with your big belly hanging out to an insecure adult woman concerned about her appearance? One day we are care free kids and the next, adults with body image issues. Somewhere along the line something changed. Can you think of that single moment or factors that played a role to get you to where you are today, for better or worse?

So many things can influence how we feel about ourselves: family, friends, career, social media. Some of these things directly affect us and others are unintentional or subconscious. Sometimes the things people say or do can be intended to be positive but leave us with the opposite sorts of feelings about ourselves.  

I am extremely lucky that growing up I have had a supportive family about everything! Whether it was my appearance, my intelligence, my ability to perform a skill set, I continuously felt the support. I realize not all of you can say the same thing. For that, I am thankful. However, family is only one small piece to the puzzle of body image and although I have one down, it doesn’t mean the other factors won’t affect me.


A huge thing for me currently regarding body image is my career and social media. Because fitness and social media are so closely linked, I find that scrolling through social media checking out what other people in the industry are doing can leave me questioning my own self. In the fitness world, like it or not you are always being judged for the way you look. Apparently things are based on looks rather than how you feel to best assume optimal health and strength (WRONG!). Aesthetics are a completely acceptable goal but we cannot forget to prioritize the inside work too.  Although societal views can never change completely, part of my mission is to remind everyone that looks are only part of it, and that those feelings can only come and be sustained over a long period of time if you start working on and loving from the inside out. No one has control over your body, you do. Your body. Your business.

I am thrilled to be running, Love YoSelf, a workshop on body positivity and body image on Wednesday! My hope is to help those of you in attendance figure out where that turning point was for your body image journey and see how we can combat it to become a more positive experience for you. If you are unable to attend, see if you can take a moment out of your week to reflect on your feelings towards yourself. Positive or negative it is good to identify where these thoughts stem from so we can ensure you have more positive experiences in the future.  Once you identify where they are coming from, take action and control your reaction to those factors. Maybe it is eliminating friendships, scrolling less on social media, or confronting how a family member’s comments make you feel.

Remember, although you don’t have control over outside factors or people, you do have control over how they make you feel. You have control over your reactions to make it positively impact your future thoughts of yourself.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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From First to Last - my least favourite exercises

As someone who works in the fitness industry, I can often times be put on a pedestal by others. They assume I am good at ALL the fitness things and can eat whatever I want simply because I “work out ALL the time”…their words, not mine! Today I am here to tell you otherwise because if you didn’t already know, newsflash, us trainers are humans too and we are not invincible. We sometimes lack sleep, proper nourishment, or the strength to perform certain movements. 

Ever have a workout where you just dreaded a certain exercise? Or maybe you’ve gone to a fitness class and wish the instructor had forgotten about the burpees today? Me too! Everyone has exercises they feel really confident with and other exercises where we either don’t like them or lack the confidence to perform them. If you are anything like me, you tend to focus on the stuff you feel really good about and ignore or remain complacent or comfortable with the movements you maybe aren’t so great at. What I witness often in group fitness is clients always taking the same modifications because that is simply how they have always done it, without attempting the more difficult ones. Unfortunately that is not getting us anywhere to overcoming whatever is it we don’t like about that movement. 

What’s my advice?

Focus on the movements you aren’t great at! It is the only way to see progress. To start, ask yourself why you don’t like it. Do you lack the foundational strength or skill set to achieve it? Is it difficult? Whatever your why is, start there. When I feel overwhelmed I break down the exercise into smaller components so that I feel I have control over all the moving parts. Eventually it leads to greater success with the motion as a whole. In other instances, it might mean you have to do accessory work. All that means is you focus on supplementary exercises that can help improve specific components of the bigger movement. 

So now by this point you’re probably still wondering what my insecurities or challenges are in the gym. Before injuring myself about a year and a half ago, I felt confident with a lot of things when it came to working out. Now I do have a general fear of failure or embarrassment because each workout poses to be a different challenge for me depending on the day. I am nervous taking group fitness, especially at the studios I work at, for fear of disappointing myself and the clients who see me having to modify or pull back on exercises. I know that in time I will feel my best and be able to move the way I want to. Lifting heavy things intimidates me right now but I LOVE it (when I know I am healthy enough to do it)! I am definitely erring on the side of caution until I know I am truly 100%.

Let’s talk healthy Rachel pre-injury LEAST favourite exercises now. My least favourite/dreaded/sometimes avoided exercises:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Pull Ups
  3. Push Ups (especially after my injury)

ALL THE UPPER BODY THINGS. My excuse has always been that my lower half weighs WAY more than my upper half and there is absolutely no way I can possibly lift myself for a pull up. Bench press and I have been playing mental games for years. I still picture my mental struggles with the bar training at the University of Toronto Varsity Stadium in the summertime. Pushups are never easy but now that my core is weaker, a bigger challenge now more than ever. Pushups and pull ups require you to lift your whole body weight though. In my opinion pretty badass so I should get to loving them and working on them more! 

My approach has been the most ridiculous and unsuccessful. I either do these exercises when I am completely alone in the gym with no one there to judge me…because I assume that is what people would do (so silly of me). Or I ignore them altogether! 

How will I overcome this?

  1. Actually DO the exercises! The only way to get better is to practice the movement itself.
  2. Stay out of my own head. I hype myself up ahead of time and tell myself I won’t achieve. Instead, I need to remind myself what I am capable of before I already talk myself out of success.
  3. Ask other trainers for guidance or form review. It always helps to have another set of eyes on you while exercising. Although we know how to teach and perform exercises, as trainers it still helps to have someone else coaching you. 

Besides the three specific exercises listed above, I would love to better acquaint myself with boxing, yoga, and the integration of kettle bells into my workouts. These are a few things I have less experience in altogether and hope that I can learn the proper movement techniques and how I can best utilize them for my body.

What are your least favourite and dreaded exercises and why? Take time to make an action plan to accomplish them. Remember the smaller successes and moving parts can build up to greater success of the larger exercise as a whole.  Be mindful to not forget about the stuff the does make you feel confident too! Take them and see how you can enhance them too - maybe lift more weight, develop a deeper range of motion, try a new variation? Focus on your strengths and spend time on your areas of improvement. Keep climbing to be your strongest you!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Take care of your body - it's the only place you've got to live

Take a look at the photo below. Do you see any glaring differences from one side of my body to the other? Can you tell that one shoulder is much more elevated than the other? FREAK! Haha…but seriously, no one’s body is perfectly symmetrical. But for me, based off of this photo I think I have my work cut out for me.


Through years of sports and dance I have encountered injuries that have always seemed to develop into more chronic issues. Luckily, depending on how you see it, I have never had any acute injuries such as broken bones…yet. Knock on wood! However, sometimes I wish I could trade in my annoying, nagging chronic issues that never have a set end date of 4-6 weeks for a broken bone once in a while.

As an athlete, my body has adapted and healed well enough for me to continue to function and perform as well as I needed it to. Now that my field hockey career is in my past I have decided that I really need to take matters into my own hands and put the work in to moving and feeling my best. Over the last nearly 4 years I have had a partially torn rectus femurs (healed but with some limitations still) and a strained pubic symphysis (currently in the rehab process).  Not at all glamorous and still causing me issues while I write this post.

I have gone to regular physiotherapy and massage therapy as well as pelvic floor physiotherapy, shoutout Totum Life Science and Proactive Pelvic Health Centre, respectively. I have learned so much about my own body over the last few years and months through treatments while I strive to be at my optimal level of functioning.  

Alongside these treatments I discovered the magic of Pilates at Body Harmonics and have incorporated private sessions with an instructor into my routine for the next little while. I cannot believe the difference one session can make in how my body moves and feels. I know I have a long way to go but the key is discipline. Admittedly, this is not something I am great at just yet. On days I am tired I often choose the couch and TV over doing my exercises but when I do them I instantly experience the benefits. I need to make it a habit to continue this practice daily to help improve my body as these chronic injuries have been around for some time now.

So what is the point of all of this for you?

Don’t ignore pain, aches, or limitations in your body. Take care of your body now so it can function optimally for life. Don’t be satisfied with just getting by or having to modify your workouts long term. If something doesn’t feel right get to the root cause. Modifications can be made short term but seek professional help and find movement that will enhance your body. Understand why something feels painful or uncomfortable and strengthen the areas around it to alleviate it. 

I have so many clients who tell me of back pain (insert knee/shoulder/whatever pain), and tell me they know how to modify. But, they continue to come back and have to modify over and over and over again! Your next step should be to understand and create an approach to improve. Maybe there is a limitation in your range of motion, maybe a lack of strength or ability to properly activate a particular body part? You will never know if you don't take the proactive steps to be assessed and treated. Chances are that once you feel the difference between moving well versus moving with pain, ache or modifications, you will be more disciplined in your practice and wish you focused your energy there sooner!

Remember, our bodies are the only place we get to live in on this planet. Treat it with care and respect. Move your body well now so you have the capability of moving it later.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Self care is more than just a hashtag

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone! Although some people don’t love the day because it is a reminder of the loneliness or heartbreak that exists, I for one LOVE the day! Hearts and pink things! What’s not to love? I don’t make a huge deal about it whether I am in a relationship or not but I still love all the love! 

With the latest trends of #selflove and #selfcare, I find that this year in particular everyone focused on “loving themselves”. I totally get it and as the saying goes, the love and respect you give yourself dictates that which you receive from others. But, what is the action being taken on this? Does it really go past making a post about loving yourself? What steps can we actually take into loving and caring for ourselves more?

As my adventure into the health and fitness world continues and I create content for events and workshops I run, I can’t help but also use those moments as opportunities to reflect on my own life.  I preach balance, rest, and moderation but sometimes, okay MOST times, I think I am falling short myself. So not only because it was Valentine’s Day, but it is about time I start doing more of it, this week I have decided to do more things for me, that feed into my energy, passion, and well-being. I know that when I do that I will feel better about certain aspects of my life that have been neglected and I will be able to better serve my community.

So what am I doing exactly?

Funny enough, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about a few things I am working on. Not going to lie to you, not all of it has happened yet. But, I have implemented some things and I have no noticed a difference already! 

Besides the short list I have created, I have realized recently just how much I value the relationships with friends and family I have. I need more of that time. I work many hours and usually lack social time so I am beginning to make that a priority again. Alone time is amazing but connecting allows me to interact with other humans…and you all know I love to talk!

I also really need to respect my body more. The insane hours I teach and the high demands of my job for my body have made me realize that my body needs more love. My goal moving forward over the next months and year is to reduce my teaching hours and spend my energy working on other projects and personal training. I will have more energy and creativity in the classes I do teach, while giving my body the proper rest and recovery it deserves. I have begun this by going back to regular physio and massage therapists and attempting to create a better recovery routine for my body.

How can you do this for you?

The best way I have clients evaluate their lives is to create a pie chart. Each piece of the pie contains different elements of their life. From there you colour in the pie chart based on how fulfilled you are in each aspect. The pieces that are not so coloured in are usually the aspects of our lives that have been neglected or could use some improvement.

Once you can identify the areas of improvement, you can then create tangible goals to work towards better self love and care practices pertaining to that part of your life.

My pie chart is listed below for your viewing. I divide it into all components that make up my life for easy comparison about the aspects that I am feeling satisfied with and the ones I am not.


Take the time this week to reflect on your own personal pie chart and see where improvements can be made.  I personally find this eye-opening when we really take the time to reflect on the areas that need improvement. The key is to be honest with yourself and focus on where you currently are, not where you are hoping to be.  My hope is that when you can reflect, you have the opportunity to make real changes that go beyond a simple post about self love and self care on social media. Happy Sunday!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Letting go of the 'No Pain, No Gain' mentality

“I did two classes today and my body is SO dead I can barely go up the stairs”. 

“When I got home from work my body really wasn’t ready to move and I had no energy, but I did it anyway because NO PAIN, NO GAIN.”

Have you ever heard a friend say this? Or perhaps this is you? Although I am getting better at listening to my body, I know that in the past it hasn’t been as easy to take a step back and try out this thing called rest. No pain, no gain is a saying often used in the fitness world to remind you to practice self-discipline in order to get the results you want. I am all about self-motivation and discipline when it comes to setting goals and training to feel the best in your body, however, rest is equally, if not more important than the workout itself!

Similar to the busyness of life, we like to use our soreness and hard core commitment to training as some sort of badge of honour. The more we breakdown our bodies, the more we will be praised. Especially in today’s society of oversharing online, people will always praise us for our commitment based on the social media posts we make, which in turn will make us want to overwork our bodies even more to receive even more praise. The cycle of pushing our bodies past our limits continues which can result in injury, burnout, or plateauing.

So what is my suggestion?

Listen to your body! I don’t mean to imply that we don’t need any discipline and for you to mistake this for laziness, because being in tune with your body is not the same thing. All this means is that we need to allow our bodies time to rest rather than push through pain. While training we must feel uncomfortable in order to gain strength, but there comes a point in time when the body would respond better to rest than being a hero. 

How do we do that?

Speaking from experience, deciding your body does not need that intense workout is easier said than done. I, like a lot of you, thrive off of movement so to make the decision to slow things down is a challenge. The ways I treat my body when it needs some extra love include: foam rolling and stretching, sensory deprivation tank visits, massages, and naps.


Whats the result?

I not only feel more relaxed but it is a different way to work the brain and body for me. Although I love the fast-paced action I get in most of my workouts, slowing down is not a bad thing. These are also opportunities for the body to recover. If we don’t allow our muscles to repair and recover in between workouts, we aren’t giving ourselves the chance to work at the highest capacity within the workout. Sometimes less is more - less workouts but more efficiency and effectiveness within the workouts that do happen.

This week, listen to your bodies! Be kind and give yourself the proper refuelling, rest, and recovery you deserve. There are many ways to work out and rest and they might look different for you compared to the next person. Find what works for you - your brain and body will thank you!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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Top 6 tips when picking a personal trainer

The choice to work with a personal trainer isn’t always an easy one. It is not only a financial investment, but a commitment of time and energy.  You are putting your trust into another person to help guide and motivate you to reach your goals. As a personal trainer in the industry, I personally find it difficult to differentiate between the truly experienced and educated trainers versus those who have developed their followings based on their looks and videos online.  When it comes to working with a trainer, I have compiled a list of things to consider when making this decision.

  1. Experience, education, certifications. This is not the be all end all, but your trainer must have some education in this field. There are a lot of ‘trainers’ out there who are self-proclaimed simply because they can create their own plans and look fit.  Of course personality and the way they practically apply their skills is important too, but make sure they have the science and understanding of movement.
  2. It’s about you, not them. Your trainer should tailor and create your program based on your needs. Often times trainers like to tell clients that they have put themselves through the same workout so they know what it should feel like. On one end it makes sense for the trainer to truly understand and feel the movements so they can relate to clients, but we are all different and have different needs. Depending on your body, goals, and previous injuries and experiences, you will require a more personalized program.
  3. Knowledgeable in a variety of fitness modalities. Building on the previous point, we all have different experiences with movement. Your previous successes and failures in fitness may influence what you are interested in now. Having a trainer well versed in a variety of movement types ensures you have multiple options to get the best out of each workout.
  4. How well do they move?  Trainers do not have to be the biggest or strongest but they should be able to move well to help cue you to avoid injury and increase strength. If a trainer has difficulty in comprehending a movement chances are they will not be able to properly cue you to nail the movement pattern down and avoid injury.
  5. The trainer you start with may not be who you stick with. Trainers excel in different things and the one that kick starts your fitness journey may not be the one you stay with. Think of it as a coach - athletes have various coaches in their careers who have the power to unleash different things within them. 
  6. Relatable and understanding. We are all humans and aren’t always ready to give our 100% effort every day. Stress, sleep, work, and home life can affect our energy levels and having a trainer who can get the most out of you despite your circumstances on that day is important. Sometimes trainers think they need to push you so far to receive a text the next day about how sore you are. Sore can be good but knowing how and when to push you is what differentiates the good trainers from the great ones.

Regardless of what you choose for exercise and movement make sure it is fun! You can still work hard and achieve your goals while being excited to do it. When it comes to picking the right trainer for you, use the tips above and ask questions so you can make the most educated decision to help reach all of your fitness and health goals!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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My Food Rules

Have you ever gone on a diet? Have you ever questioned your food choices or regretted eating something after the fact? How do you feel after scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone’s perfectly staged meals? Food is a sensitive topic and something a lot of people struggle with. Like most other things in our lives, we tend to post about the amazing food we eat, not the time we ran to Pizza Pizza for a quick slice.

I have written about food before and after rereading my previous post my thoughts have not changed on the matter, only evolved into more reasons as to why we should not restrict ourselves. As a leader in the health and fitness world, I continue to get asked what I eat and on the other end critiqued or questioned when my food choices are not what someone else thinks they should be. Funny how that works - others critique us because we aren’t living up to the expectations they have set for us! It is my body and my business so whether it has to do with my food choices or any other choices for that matter they are MINE and mine alone.

Tonight I wanted to share my food rules with you to give some insight into my food experiences.  But rule number one is to understand that these aren’t rules at all! This is simply a lifestyle I choose to live by and it works for me.

  1. Consume little to no dairy. This is something I have personally integrated into my life for skin and digestion issues. I have struggled with acne my entire life virtually eliminating dairy from my diet has made a significant difference for me. When I reduce my dairy intake I also notice my stomach loves me for it too.
  2. Eat what I want, when I want to. I never hold off until meal time or overthink my food choices. When my body is hungry I know it needs fuel so I eat. In terms of deciding on what I will eat, it depends on my mood and when my next workout will be. 
  3. Food is so much more than just fuel. As much as we consume food to fuel our bodies to survive and thrive we also make food choices based on our mood and emotions as well as the social atmosphere we are surrounded by. Socializing usually happens around food - good times are had, great food consumed and memories created, and it doesn’t always have to be a process for you to over think.
  4. Eat because you want and need to. Exercise for the same reasons. This is a HUGE thing for me. Food should not be seen as a reward for something you have done. Exercise should not be a punishment. Food and exercise complement one another but one does not replace the other. 
  5. No calorie counting. Although it is now intriguing to see how many calories are on the menu items we order when we go out I pay little attention to it. Instead I put my focus on the quality of what I am eating. Think about what makes up your meal in terms of ingredients and content versus the amount of food. 
  6. Everybody is different. Our bodies react differently than others to the same foods. Our metabolisms work at different rates. This is why diets don’t work (and if they did, there would only be one that existed and we would all be doing it - it is about making money!). No single plan works for everyone. Find what makes you feel right.

The tips above are mine alone. Some may resonate with you and others you may personally struggle with. Like I said beforehand, food is a sensitive topic for many and it may take more than a few simple tips to find a balance for your life. Remember that your relationship with food is something you have to work at, just like building muscles at the gym it takes time to build a positive and secure relationship with what you eat.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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