Fall Reset Week 1 Recap

This past week we kicked off our first ever 8 week Fall Reset! If you aren’t familiar with our programming Fall Reset is an 8 week program that is completed at home and/or in person focusing in on various pillars of health including movement, stress management, sleep, nutrition, and self care. The women gathered last week to meet as a group to discuss goals and intentions for the 8 weeks ahead, connect with others in the program, and to set aside a few hours of time for themselves.

What I loved most about our kickoff event was that women of all ages, experience levels, backgrounds, and careers all came together and guess what - they ALL struggle with the same things! It was reassuring to hear that we are not alone and that life is a balancing act at any age as our priorities and commitments shift.

Each week the women are given a different focus to help break down our 8 weeks into smaller components and Week 1 was getting 7-7.5 hours of sleep. This is a tough one for me so I included some of my tips and tricks to help ensure this happens. I am sure you know but our sleep is the time our bodies rest, repair, and recover, but our quality of sleep affects our mood, stress, energy, and movement and nutrition choices the following day. Very important!


My tips and tricks to getting more sleep include:

  • shutting off my TV or at least muting it while I get ready for bed

  • beginning my routine earlier - 9pm instead of 10pm so I am in bed by 10!

  • setting my Fitbit to remind me to sleep. I was proud to actually be in bed most days before the reminder this week

  • showering, face washing, teeth brushing happens earlier so I don’t wait until it is too late to start the process

Some things I still need to get better at include:

  • sleeping with my phone on airplane mode or in a different room

  • stop scrolling earlier

  • stop responding to emails earlier. I need to give myself a hard time of when I stop responding at night and choose to respond the following morning.

*because everything happens so quick at the click of a button a few emails or scrolls turns into 30 minutes of wasting time I could be sleeping!

What are your sleep hacks to ensure you are getting enough rest? Next week we are aiming for 10, 000 steps a day - the real focus is to check in on incorporating movement throughout your day especially for those who have desk jobs. Get stepping!

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury
These are a few of my favourite things!

Over the years I have established a list of go-to brands and services for health, fitness, wellness related needs in the city and I wanted to share it with you!

I am only choosing to share things that I actually use and love - I would never recommend something or someone that I have never experienced or used myself. I hope this list is a helpful tool for others!


Totum Life Science: I have been injured for just over 2 years now and Totum has helped me through everything. Mary Catherine is my physiotherapist and Sophia is my massage therapist. The clinic is great because it offers opportunity for the two to work together and keep each other in the loop about what has been working for me. Especially because my injury is quite unique, I trust them and their treatment methods.

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre: Tiffaney is amazing! I literally never even knew what pelvic floor physio was until I injured myself. Now believe me when I say that all women (and even men too!) should go to understand how to properly engage your inner core muscles. Tiffaney even made an effort to call me a few times after appointments to check in on me. 

Dr. Hilary Chambers: A friend referred me to Dr. Hilary and I am so glad she did. We had an instant connection and I have since referred many other friends and clients her way. She is young, extremely well-educated, and makes things understandable for the every day person. She takes a holistic, but practical and realistic approach, focusing more on lifestyle changes first before going to supplements and other types of treatment. Stay tuned as Dr. Hilary and I will be collaborating later this Fall for an awesome Q and A session!


Impact Kitchen: Thank goodness they opened a west location around the corner from me. King East is not my part of town and I wouldn’t often venture there. Although it can be pricey depending on what you buy I have been loving the Harvest Bowl, the Almond Protein Brownie, and the Restore smoothie. I know I can count on Impact to offer me a high quality snack or meal if I am on the go.

Kupfert and Kim: Like Impact Kitchen, I live dangerously close to K&K. Their saying is “wheatless, meatless” so it is all about the vegan options. Although I do ensure I consume meats and fish as protein, I am always looking for healthier alternatives to my food choices. They have a variety of flavours and meals to choose from - my favourites are the waffle and blue smoothie bowl!

 My favourite things - Barreworks! Discover You September 2018

My favourite things - Barreworks! Discover You September 2018

Fitness Classes

Barreworks: OBVIOUSLY! Haha if you didn’t know I work here now you do! But in all honesty, I loved it from the moment I stepped foot in the studio as a client 6 years ago. The staff at the desk works hard to make everyone feel welcome and the instructors really do care. It is a great workout to mix up your regular routine if the studio isn’t a place you often frequent.

Run The Flex: Now this isn’t technically a fitness class but SO MUCH FUN! RTF is an adult hip hop community offering 6-week sessions for beginners and intermediate hip hop dancers. Aaron and Nicole create a safe space for all levels and experiences to come and dance without any judgment. I have participated twice and really enjoyed myself. It was the best part of the week!


Kaia Naturals: I LOVE their Juicy Bamboo Face Wipes! They smell amazing and leave your skin looking great too post workout. No gross residue or red face (unless it is from your workout). They are biodegradable and work well for sensitive skin like mine. I usually pick mine up at The Detox Market.

Raw Nutritional: I recently came across this Quebec based company after someone commented on my Instagram post recommending them. They sent me some samples and I actually LOVE it! They are vegan which is important to me since I try to reduce/avoid dairy for skin and digestion reasons. ZERO chalky taste at all! Super impressed. I have only used the Maple Vanilla flavour so far but loving it.

What are your favourite must-use brands, must-eat spots, and must-use services?

Yours in self-discovery,


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Food: It's more than just fuel

Think back to the last time you prepared a healthy home-cooked meal. Maybe the last time you indulged and ate a burger and fries or your favourite sweet treat. Were you stressed, tired, and angry? Were you well-rested and stress-free? Food is fuel for our bodies but our decisions about what to eat are often dictated by much more than simply what fuels our bodies best. We eat for emotional reasons too – these are quite often what drive our food choices. Whether it be an exciting celebration or a tough time, our emotions can play a huge role in what we consume.

I have begun to get my clients to track not only food but a lot of other aspects of their lives. That way they can more easily understand how their food choices influence other things in life and vice versa. If you’re interested in becoming more in tune with your body, here are a few simple things you can start tracking:

  • Hours slept

  • Amount of water consumed

  • Mood on a scale of 1-5

  • Stress on a scale of 1-5

  • Exercise

Once you have done this for a week, take a moment to analyze your decisions. On a day where you had less sleep and skipped your workout due to being stressed at work, you may find that your food choices were less than optimal because you had to eat out and choose a fast option. 

 Healthier alternative pancakes, Discover You, September 2018

Healthier alternative pancakes, Discover You, September 2018

People often ask me what the best things are to eat to look and feel their best. Everyone’s body is different and the first step into understanding your body is to track the above components. More often than not, you will find out what makes you feel your best, to keep you on track to be less stressed, improve your mood and move more.

Nutrition does not always have to be a fancy (usually failed) diet. It is about being mindful and listening to how your body feels before, during, and after a meal to know what you need.

I am excited to share this concept with our Fall Reset group that kicks off this Sunday! Health is more than just an hour long workout every day. So many factors play a role in being your best self. By taking a holistic approach like the one mentioned above, we remind ourselves that all the different aspects of our lives are connected and linked to each other. A simple decision to pack workout clothes in the morning for a lunchtime workout may affect a decision later in the day about what to eat for dinner.

Putting it all together can sometimes be overwhelming, but there are a few simple things you can do to make being your best self more manageable. Eat whole foods often. Sleep lots. Drink water. Move every day. Do fun things to feel good. Find ways to reduce stress. This may look different to each one of us but being your best doesn’t have to be so complicated. Give it a try! 

Yours in self-discovery,


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