Fall Reset 2018!

Fall Reset is designed to help everyone get back into their routine, or establish a new one, this fall. Discover You was created based on the fact that fitness is only one component of your life and in order to live your best life you need to work on all components. So, Fall Reset will help you do just that! 

Together we will focus on:

  • Establishing a proper fitness routine

  • Setting attainable and realistic goals

  • Accomplishing weekly goals related to fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, and lifestyle

  • Most importantly, developing a community of like-minded individuals to help motivate you to get there

Our program is divided up into three options to meet the needs of all those looking to participate.

Option 1: Out of town experience. $175 +HST

This package is designed for the person who asks me if I am moving back home - unfortunately the answer is still currently no…but this might make you happier! You will have exclusive access to an online manual, workouts, a private video library of the exercises, and weekly goals to accomplish. Don’t forget everyone will have an accountability partner and access to the Facebook group to maintain motivation regardless of whether or not I get to see you in person.

Option 2: Partial Access.  $250+HST

This package is designed for the person who lives in the city but can’t quite commit to the unlimited package below. You will have access to 8 classes (ideally one per week) throughout the 8 week series. Individual classes can be purchased at a discounted rate should you want more than 8 but less than the unlimited access. You will also receive access to everything included in Option 1 above.

Option 3: Full Access. $350 +HST

This package is designed for the person who wants to take full advantage of this opportunity! You have unlimited access to all of my weekly classes (currently 3 per week) in Toronto as well as all online material that Options and 2 will be receiving. The bonus of this option is that you will get a 30 minute phone call or in person meeting with me at the halfway point to discuss your personal experience and help guide you to achieve your goals.



Can't join for the full 8 Weeks?

Join us on September 9th from 1-3pm for our Kickoff event! You will participate in a Pilates workout, a personal development workshop, and connect with like-minded women. Click below to reserve your spot for Sunday!


past events

 Event 1, 2017
 Event 2, 2017
 Event 3, 2017