It costs you nothing to be a good human

“Your circumstances are temporary. Your character will last forever.” - Rick Warren

As I finish off another book this year, This Is How We Rise by Claudia Chan, I am left feeling inspired to reevaluate my purpose, vision, and the resilience and energy to get me where I want to go. I will let you check it out for yourself but the biggest takeaway I learned from the book was that the world is bigger than any one of us alone. Rather than thinking of ourselves first, we must think about things from a me-to-we perspective, bettering the lives of all those around us, and not take a self-centred approach. 

The quote above was taken from the final chapter of the book and couldn’t ring more true with the life I try to live today. I am a business owner, attempting to get my feet off the ground in a highly populated and competitive field and don’t always feel like I have it all together all the time. However, developing a strong and positive character and reputation will be something I know I can always have on my side. Life can change and have its ups and downs at the flip of a coin, but it is those who work on bettering themselves who will be able to appreciate all it takes to get to where they want to go, regardless of current circumstance. I know that one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, when I can feel confident with the direction my brand is heading, I will have a positive community behind me because I am taking the time to build relationships with those around me and a positive reputation that make people able to trust me and my process.


In a world where I will admit I don’t love all the time, with social media, filters, and instant gratification, this quote should be posted all over for everyone to remember. Imagine a day where Instagram disappeared! Would we really still be interested in the influencers we follow if they have no opportunity to post the perfect picture for us to double tap on?  Do we follow people because they have all the latest and greatest to tell us about online or do we truly believe they are good people? These things don’t have to be either or but I think we get lost in the shiny objects and forget about character.

Although my Discover You community is small but mighty in its infancy, I know that what we have is special. People are getting to know one another beyond the smile when they walk into class. Clients are becoming friends after sweating it out beside one another. This is what it is all about. 

It takes no money to be a decent human being. It requires no fancy gadget or gismo. Our lives will change and opportunities will come and go, but what will last is the way we make people feel. 

What are you going to do this week to foster positive relationships with family, friends, or clients to leave a positive mark?

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury
Find what serves your greater purpose

How many of you, regardless of age, get caught up in life’s circumstances? A relationship, lack of sleep, work duties, stress (in all its capacities), confrontation, striving for perfection? If I had more than two hands they would all be raised - I am so guilty of getting caught up in minor things that I waste my breath and energy on them. Once it passes I look back and think how silly they really were.

If you’re also like me you tell yourself to slow down but then those other noises of working hard, perfection, and your goals for success creep back in and you ramp up everything an extra notch. Unfortunately, it usually takes the loss of a loved one, a tragic incident, or a big life change to make you stop and realize that we do really need to slow down and appreciate all we have. Young people are especially guilty of thinking the worst of every situation when in reality all we might need are a few deep breaths, a phone call with a friend or loved one, a good night’s sleep and a fresh perspective in the morning. I guess the adults in my life really are older and wiser when they tell me this ;)

Social media and instant gratification make us latch on to wanting more and getting caught up in ridiculousness because we can never really disconnect from it all. You can search up anyone online these days and be reminded of them. We can feel the pressure to keep up and worry about other things, events, and people all because of the simple post of a picture or status shared.

Last week I had the privilege of hearing Jully Black perform and speak at a conference I attended and a few of her words really hit home with me. In my best paraphrasing she said, we are given a limited amount of breaths on this earth and that we must not allow people, things, and events who don’t serve our greater purpose to take those precious breaths away from us. Something so simple yet so powerful.

I can’t say I have mastered this at all. I have made huge improvements in certain aspects of my life but I allow other things to waste my time and energy when they really don’t need to be. My focus moving forward this week and beyond is to better evaluate situations as they arise and ask myself if the thing, person, or event I am bothered by really feeds my greater purpose. If it does, then I can spend time and energy on it. However, most cases these things serve as reminders that not all who we think is worth our time really is.

 Building community one grapevine at a time - Dance Cardio June 2018

Building community one grapevine at a time - Dance Cardio June 2018

What are my steps to changing my perspective?

  • take three deep breaths before reacting 
  • remind myself of the positive things in my life so as not to dwell on something minor that isn’t working
  • reach out to the people who matter most to me
  • work my hardest but also rest and enjoy more
  • scroll less through social media to avoid getting caught up with what other people are doing
  • continue to build and foster the important relationships of the people who are part of my community - relationships go both ways!

What are you going to implement into your week to focus on life’s most important things and people?

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury
Introducing Fall Reset 2018!

The most difficult part for me as I build my community is how to connect those who get to see me in person and those who are further away in geography. If you know me, you know that I am torn between living in Toronto and also connecting with those back home in the KW area. I have contemplated for well over one year now what my options are and how to offer the best of both worlds to those looking for it. I am extremely excited to announce that I have found the solution! Today I want to introduce you to my 8-Week Fall Reset! Now I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I am terrified that no one will sign up but the only way to find out is to put the work in, spread the word, and hope for the best! 

Fall Reset was designed to help everyone get back into their routine, or establish a new one, this fall. Discover You was created based on the fact that fitness is only one component of your life and in order to live your best life you need to work on all components. So, Fall Reset will help you do just that! 

Together we will focus on:

  • establishing a proper fitness routine 
  • setting attainable and realistic goals
  • accomplishing weekly goals related to fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, and lifestyle
  • most importantly, developing a community of like-minded individuals to help motivate you to get there!

How does Fall Reset work?

Our program is divided up into three options to meet the needs of all those looking to participate.

Option 1. Out of town experience. This package is designed for the person who asks me if I am moving back home - unfortunately the answer is still currently no…but this might make you happier! You will have exclusive access to an online manual, workouts, a private video library of the exercises, and weekly goals to accomplish. Don’t forget everyone will have an accountability partner and access to the Facebook group to maintain motivation regardless of whether or not I get to see you in person.

Option 2. Partial Access. This package is designed for the person who lives in the city but can’t quite commit to the unlimited package below. You will have access to 8 classes (ideally one per week) throughout the 8 week series. Individual classes can be purchased at a discounted rate should you want more than 8 but less than the unlimited access. You will also receive access to everything included in Option 1 above.

Option 3. Full Access. This package is designed for the person who wants to take full advantage of this opportunity! You have unlimited access to all of my weekly classes (currently 3 per week) in Toronto as well as all online material that Options and 2 will be receiving. The bonus of this option is that you will get a 30 minute phone call or in person meeting with me at the halfway point to discuss your personal experience and help guide you to achieve your goals.

How do we get to connect with others participating?

The most exciting part is that we will have a launch event and then a closing event to our 8 weeks together. Whether you are out of town or in the city you will have the opportunity to join us and participate in a workout, a workshop, connect with others, and get some treats along the way! Each person who registers will also be assigned an accountability partner. That way you get to know someone else better and have your own personal cheerleader! We will also create a Facebook group to share your successes, reach out for advice during more difficult weeks, and ask questions about the weekly content.

When do the 8 weeks begin?

Our kickoff event will be on Sunday September 9th from 1-3pm commencing the 8 weeks. The closing event will be on Sunday November 4th from 1-3pm to mark the end of the 8 week reset. All participants, including those in our exclusively online Option 1, are invited to participate in our kickoff and closing events!

How do I register?

Registration will officially begin on Tuesday August 7th. Our early bird discount will run from August 7th to 17th and then continue with regular pricing until August 27th. Registration will be closed after August 27th so be sure to register before then.

Can I still attend class even if I am not registered for the 8-week series?

YES! Classes will still be open and available to everyone regardless of being involved in our Fall Reset. Keep in mind classes will be more full since we have the Reset occurring but you are more than welcome to attend.

Still have questions? Send me a message or leave a comment! I am really looking forward to getting to know more of you over our 8 Week Fall Reset as we look to improve our minds and bodies. 

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury
Time's ticking!

Next month we are celebrating my Grandma’s 85th birthday! While having dinner last weekend and mentioning the big day approaching I reminded her how I am turning 25 this year. To my surprise my Grandma’s reaction was, “25?! Time’s ticking!” If you know me you know I am quite independent and am all about female empowerment so to get this reaction from my own grandmother was interesting LOL.

As the steam left my ears and I took a moment before responding all I could get out was, “Oh Grandma, times have changed! But, you have given me a new topic for my blog!” My after thoughts? AS IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO SAY THAT TO ME! And have it be my own Grandma! I guess it just goes to show that times have changed and views are slightly different from an almost 85 year old compared to almost 25 year old me.


As females we are constantly being told what our narrative is supposed to be. Graduate high school, go to post secondary school (maybe not in some cases), find a guy, get married, have kids. But what about those with career aspirations? What about those who see their lives unfolding slightly differently? There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to find a partner and have a family. I too see that happening in the future…but definitely not soon! I have goals and experiences I want to do for me before investing my time into other people.

I have always dreamed big and worked hard to achieve those goals but that has not come without comments, especially from my male counterparts. I have heard more than once that because my career aspirations are set quite high that I am putting pressure on those who might be interested in me. SERIOUSLY?! If you can’t handle a girl who has high standards for success chances are she probably won’t give you much of her time. It’s called motivation. When I see other people working hard to get what they want it doesn’t intimidate or threaten me - it only inspires me to do the same! 

Even one week after this experience my mind is still blown that this still happens. I am fortunate that my immediate family and friends have never been one to pressure anyone into doing things a certain way and only supportive of my aspirations. However, I recognize that women are often trying to be people pleasers and can feel stuck when things don’t work out for themselves. Although I have only recently understood this concept for myself, I thought that I would share my tips to pursuing my goals and not letting societal pressures get in the way.

  1. “Surround yourself with only those who are going to lift you higher.” Wise words from Oprah. But a key factor in to my pursuit of success. My parents and brothers are my number one fans and my friends are right there alongside me supporting me however best they can. Regardless of what you are going through in life having people in your corner makes all the difference.
  2. Stand up for yourself. Don’t allow others to dictate your future. Speak your mind and opinion so people understand your worth and value your opinion. Sometimes I find females in particular are afraid to speak up and instead remain passive. I am loud for a reason, to be seen and heard when it is important.
  3. Take a moment to just be with yourself. Reflect on what it is you truly want for yourself. Evaluate the situation you are in whether it be a career, a relationship or otherwise and ask yourself if this is where you feel you need and are meant to be. When being in a situation for an extended period of time we can become complacent and comfortable there. Identify what you want and need and know that if you aren’t getting in your current situation a plan of action needs to be implemented for change.
  4. Follow your vision. As much as we can value the opinions of those around us and want to please, remember this is your life to live. If you want to get married at 25 and have kids, then go for it. If you don’t want any and remain single, do it. However your story plays out needs to be the way you want it to. Of course, life has its unpredictabilities but you have to live it the way you want to, not the way someone else hopes you do.

I hope that this week’s post inspires you to evaluate where you are. Whether you are feeling stuck in a relationship or career because you feel that is what others think you need to be doing, or pressure to hurry up life, take a step back. This is your life. And remember regardless of how anyone else makes you feel just remember I will be working my butt off, happily doing my own thing, if you ever need to chat about it! :) 

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury
Maybe it is just that easy

I am a huge advocate for recognizing where my own strengths are and enlisting help for where I lack knowledge or experience. However, I found recently that I was taking the easy way out more often than not. Instead of taking time to sit down and figure it out for myself I was referring out to other people. I have a lot of people who can help me but I found myself waiting around for help instead of taking action myself. This only led to me feeling less useful than I would like to be and a delay because not everyone is able to help instantly due to their other commitments.

Last weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had the time to dedicate to learning and expanding my knowledge and I wanted to know how to do it for myself rather than pay out to someone else. I spent about 10-12 hours this past week and weekend and I have come out on the other end realizing that I am more capable than I give myself credit for!

So what did I accomplish this week?

  • created an entire new website which launched yesterday!
  • properly condensed my newsletter lists and sent out a survey
  • added more features to my Facebook page
  • created a MINDBODY page which means you can register for all of my classes online now! Click here to check it out.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.42.53 PM.png

I am feeling extremely proud because it was my own time and effort well spent to accomplish a lot from my priority list this week. As someone trying to run a successful business and still in the starting stages it means that you get to wear lots of hats - administrator being a huge one. As I continue to expand my knowledge in a physical sense to give my clients the best possible workout, I also am continuing to expand my knowledge administratively. These are things I never knew before but am excited to get to know more about.

I came across someone’s Instagram story the other day talking about how our fears and reservations can hold us back. They ended their image with a statement - “maybe it is just that easy”. I learned that it really can be! Dedicate time and energy to learn something new and who knows what might happen?! You might just produce a website!

What has been holding you back because of fear of failure or lack of knowledge? I challenge everyone this week to forget about being stuck in a box and remember that your only limit is you. When we can get past what we know and move into the unknown of learning something new, amazing things happen.

Yours in self-discovery,



Rachel Fackoury
Size doesn't always matter

“I’m a size 6. I’m not buying those pants, they are a size 8.” Have you ever said or thought this? Or maybe heard someone else say this, even if the pants fit perfectly? Once we are set in the size we are it can sometimes be tough to change our minds, regardless of how the clothing fits. My mom sent me an image on Facebook earlier this week that had me thinking more about this phenomenon. It showed three different pairs of shorts from the same company and the smallest size to the eye was actually the largest size on the tag. The caption included a reminder that size doesn’t matter.

Size really doesn’t matter. Just like your actual weight, the size of your clothes is not always an indicator of health. If anything, all it does is mess up the emotional and psychological relationship we have with ourselves. When it isn’t the size or the weight on the scale we are expecting we begin to question our bodies. If you look closer this really has nothing to do with you but everything to do with the companies who are creating the clothing in the first place. No clothing line is consistent with the other - sometimes they can’t even stay consistent within their own brand - which means your size is irrelevant.

What’s my rule of thumb when shopping?

Buy what fits me comfortably. Buy what I love right away and know that I will actually wear it outside of the change room. Use the sizing as a reference but then adjust accordingly depending on the fit.


Clothing can play a lot into one’s confidence. Love your outfit and you will stand a little taller. Feel uncomfortable in your clothes and you will constantly be readjusting all day. Buy the clothes that fit your body now, not the one you used to have or aspire to grow into. The relationship with your own self, physically, mentally, and emotionally, will thank you later for having you feel confident and give off your best self to the world!

Yours in self-discovery,