Call me crazy

Some people may call me crazy.  I run from my academic classes to teach my fitness classes all week.  I take 5 courses and work 10 hours a week, half of those being instructional hours (that means I need to bring my energy).  I just started this blog and I have a ton of other projects on the go.  The question I always get asked is, “how do you do it all?!”  And my simple and honest answer…”I LOVE it.”  All of my life, I was involved in the most activities possible, school all day then to a sports practice and then a music lesson, so my body is used to this go, go, go lifestyle.  So now that I am a young adult doing the same thing, it only seems natural.  Fitness instructing falls perfectly into this lifestyle andI have truly discovered a passion that I never knew was inside of me.  

Life as a fitness instructor is an interesting one because you are the one at the front of the room leading the class, all eyes on you.  No matter how your own day may be going or the mood you might be in, you have to leave it at the door and when the class starts you bring everything you've got to your participants because they have showed up and are committed to you and the program for that one hour.  I struggle with a lot of stress and anxiety in my own life and I must say that when the music comes on nothing else matters except the participants in front of me.  I forget about my to do list and focus in on my participants.  

Instructing is such a special experience for me because as much as I am encouraging, empowering, and pushing my participants beyond what they think they are capable of, you are all sharing in special moments with me that I use as fuel when I need that extra push.  Despite what you think, behind my big smile and enthusiasm when I teach, I often have a lot on my mind and some days I feel like I can’t be that person for you.  But, as soon as I walk in and I see people coming back week after week, I am able to take your energy and dedication to motivate me to never settle for complacency and to strive to be better each and every day.  I feel like we have a special bond that no one else can begin to understand.  

This last week in particular I have truly felt the impact that fitness instructing has had on my life.  Nike will be hosting a 15km Women’s Race* in Toronto in June and I am involved with the campus recruitment of university and college students for the upcoming race.  I have approached many people across campus and almost immediately everyone said “I’m in!” and that was that.  It was very special for me to see that you have a trust in me that I will help you get to that starting line and ultimately allow you to succeed to reach the finish line.  I am excited to see what is to come in the next 13 weeks leading up to the race.

This post is only a small way for me to thank all of my participants and supporters for all that you give me every week.  Thank you to those who continuously support my classes and my ambitious dreams and a special congratulations to those who have begun training for the 15km! This will be an exciting time for us all, where we will all need to lean on each other to reach our goals.

My lesson for everyone this week is try something new.  If it scares you, great! Surround yourself with people who can support you along your journey.  Remember that no matter the relationship, be it instructor and participant, a friendship, or a personal relationship, we can all learn from each other.  Heck, I have never run 15km in my life, but because I have a group of dedicated girls relying on me to get them to the finish line, I know I can do it too because as much as I am with them every step of the way, they are with me.

Be fierce. Be strong. Be vibrant.