Let's just be honest, let's just be real

Last weekend at my cottage I had on one of favourite Nike shirts, the tank with the “Just Do It” running straight down the back.  I thought to myself, “Ooh, this would make such a great Instagram photo…and I am so NOT good at capturing these shots so I am going to just stand off the dock and get my brother to take it for me”. Needless to say, that just didn’t work out and I immediately took off my Nike stuff, put my bathing suit on and went to get my tan on. I was so frustrated with myself because, come on, everyone takes those filtered, posed, not at all candid shots so why can’t I?!

I have since been contemplating this topic and I know it will be quite sensitive for some so before I go any further, I am by no means here to offend anyone and the social media presence they have created for themselves online; I am simply sharing my frustrations. I am all for the posed pictures when you have a legitimate photographer and you are trying to pose and capture the perfect shot including lighting, background and outfit.  However, I have been bothered more and more as I go online and see the ‘I am going to stand here exactly like so and look natural while I have someone take this photo of me looking perfect’ types of photos. Sorry,  but to me they come across as fake andtotally not natural, and I am left asking if the person who posted the photo really thinks it is a believable shot.  

Now, I have been reading up on how to better develop one’s personal brand and in many books it discusses the importance of your social media presence. On one end we need to make sure appropriate posts are made as employers, co-workers and clients can view it all online but, on the other, we unfortunately have the lost the authenticity of the concept of Instagram as some try to create accounts to seem morerelatable and appealing to their clientele.  I love seeing photographers share their art online – and I follow many – but, I find that my feed is becoming more swamped with photos where I am often left contemplating its authenticity.  It seems more and more people are feeling the pressure to create what I like to call the ‘Instagram Life’ where you skew your real life and feel it isn’t exciting enough, so you plate your food a little fancier, add in a filter and bam an extra 100 likes on your photo.  

I, by no means, am saying that I don’t fall into this category at times too; but what are we afraid of if we show a candid shot of ourselves or don’t have the perfect lighting?  We have become a society where we are trying too hard to impress others and lead the perfect lifestyle.  Reality is, not everyone ‘woke up like this’ and everyone has their mix of good and challenging days.  Let’s embrace life and not waste the moments trying to pretend we are something we are not. I am all about being genuine and authentic. I am the real deal and what you see is what you get.  Be brave and be unique. There is no need to be afraid to be honest and share your life.  From my own experience, being yourself gets you much further than faking anything will ever get you.

Be fierce. Be strong. Be vibrant.


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