Productive Planning

Today I’ve got some questions for you.  Do you have a plan when going to workout? Whether it be to your local gym, a run outside, or an in home workout, do you actually go in knowing what your goals are?  Having talked to more people about their weekly routines at the gym and from watching people first-hand, we can waste a lot of time.  Time is something we all wish we had more of, and exercise is the first thing to neglect when we feel the crunch.  Now answer this: Have you ever thought of maybe creating a routine and plan for yourself to get the workout in AND be efficient? If not, it is about time you do. 

For me the key areas I focus on when planning my workouts are as follows:

  • I know how much time I can dedicate each week.  As my fitness class schedule grows, my own personal time in the gym is less and less.  Each week I look at my calendar and identify the days where I will have more time to focus on me.  Whether it is balancing your work schedule, school schedule or family activities, create time in your day for yourself to get moving.
  • I plan ahead.  I will never just show up to the gym.  Especially when you are inexperienced, people tend to waste time standing around, socializing, or checking out the equipment, wondering what to do, rather than utilizing that time to actually do something productive.  By creating a plan, you know what your goals will be for that particular workout, or your priorities for that month, and you will better stay on track.
  • I use various tools to keep in check.  Whether it is the N+TC (Nike+ Training Club) App, youtube videos, magazine workouts, or a personal trainer friend, use your resources to help spark some creativity in your workouts.  I love to incorporate the N+TC App or challenging exercises I find on social media to keep my workouts fun and inspiring.  
  • I bring a friend. If you need some extra motivation or guidance, attend a group fitness class, a local running club, or find a partner.  You can share in the creating of workouts, discover new exercises from others and have a lot of fun while doing so. Like they always say: two is better than one!

Going to the gym can be intimidating as it is, so come prepared and crush your next workout.  No matter what your intentions or goals may be, you will see results when you have a plan in mind and achieve your fitness goals.

Be fierce. Be strong. Be vibrant.


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