September is the new January

Hard to believe it is back to school already! Not sure how I am feeling about heading into my final year of university either.  One thing I do know about this time of year is that it gives everyone an opportunity to evaluate the goals and intentions they set earlier on in the year and get back on track as we head into the final months of 2015.  Summer is a time for having fun, relaxing, and vacationing.  This typically means extra indulging or straying away from a workout plan to spend time with family and friends.  So, now that September has come, we can all take a chance to refocus.  

September also provides an opportunity for setting new goals.  For some parents, this may be their first chance to have free time in the day for themselves.  For others, this month may provide more structure into their schedules to be able to stick to a plan they create.  Whatever your reason or opportunity is, take a moment and write out what you would like to accomplish.  Remember to choose SMART goals to allow yourself the best opportunity for success.  

When we talk about goal setting, remember it does not all have to revolve around exercise.  Some people may want to sleep more, eat in more, have less screen time, or spend more time with family and friends.  The goals we set are intended to help us find ourselves in the happiest and healthiest state possible.

I, myself, am using this as a time to refocus my energy and get back into a routine as I will now be in the same spot full time since school is starting up.  Here are a few of my own goals:

  1. Eat in more.  I love to cook and have some amazing books as references but since I was not living downtown full time this summer it was difficult to prepare elaborate meals.  Now that I am back and we have a beautiful kitchen in our new condo, I am ready to create more in the kitchen.  This will also help me plan better for lunches the following day.
  2. Do more for me!  This is a really strange concept to grasp right now for me but I think we can all relate to this in some way.  I have been an athlete playing on competitive teams for most of my life.  As great as those opportunities were, you are always giving.  You put the team’s needs before your own.  You do what is in the team’s best interest to win.  I think some parents are the same way with their children.  They put their needs before their own.  Well, for me, now that I am no longer playing field hockey, I am going to start being more selfish and have more me time.  I want to try new things and gain new experiences in my life.  For all of the parents out there with more kid-free time with school starting, I challenge you to do the same!
  3. Say no, more.  I also fall into this category of saying yes to everything! Another lesson I learned in Kansas City was that when you say yes to something or someone, you want to ensure that it is out of genuine interest for the cause and not out of obligation.  On the other hand, if you are interested in it all, remember too that you simply can’t say yes to everything and still have time for yourself.  Hopefully this helps me with goal #2!

We all have setbacks in our lives and stray off the path every once in a while.  Take September as an opportunity to regroup, refocus, and achieve your goals.  The last 8 months have passed and we can only learn from what has happened – whether we have followed our plan or not.  Learn from what has happened and set new goals or re-evaluate the previous ones to be successful.  

Be fierce. Be strong. Be vibrant.


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