Good people and good vibes only

I am back after taking a one week hiatus from my blog.  I moved last week and so there have been plenty of moments feeling unorganized and lots of time spent trying to get reorganized in my new space.  I’m back, ready and hoping you all have had a wonderful week and weekend in this heat!

Last weekend at my cottage I had a group of girlfriends up, creating an amazing girls weekend for us all.  We worked out (typical), laughed lots, escaped the city, but most importantly, took the opportunity to connect on a deeper level while having the time to simply hang out and relax.  After the weekend finished and I headed back into the city for this past week, I realized just how fortunate I am.  I’ve got an amazing group of strong friends who I know have always got my back.  We were able to talk about so many things and gain a deeper understanding for one another and what we are going through.  I am thankful for creating such a comfortable environment for myself where I know I can seek honest advice or opinions, have a shoulder to cry on, and laugh over and over again about the most ridiculous things.  There were many moments over the past weekend where we were each able to open up and express things to one another we may not necessary have the opportunity for on any given day and feel comfortable or supported.  

This weekend helped us to bond further in our friendships. We know new things about each other, and opening up in this way, being understood, means that there will be more opportunities in the future like what happened last weekend. The first time opening up to someone is always the hardest. We always think that we are the only ones going through what we are going through. Even if our situation is incredibly unique, chances are, someone will understand and/or is going through something similar in their life. Even the most independent of people like hearing others’ advice every once in a while, or just need to vent about something or another. It’s unhealthy to keep things bottled up all the time, so it’s great that we were able to share, and will most likely be more comfortable sharing in the future.  It goes to show how important communication is – and it doesn’t hurt to be around a pool or campfire while doing it!

At different points in life, we may all go through hard times or difficult experiences, feeling like there is no one to turn to or no comfortable space to share your feelings and emotions.  As difficult as it can be to keep those feelings inside, there is always a person to turn to.  No one is ever truly alone whether we are experiencing a breakup, mental health, or anything in between.  Sometimes our families may not be in a position to support us (which I am thankful for in my own life) but this weekend spent with my friends reminded me of the power of friendship.  Surround yourself with a space where no judgement exists, only helping hands and people lifting you up to higher ground.  Remember, you are never alone.  Good people and good vibes only. 

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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