Happy Mother's Day

Today can be a difficult day for some, and a beloved day for others.  Mother’s Day, although it only happens one day out of each year, makes everyone feel different things.  Some of us take the time to acknowledge all of the wonderful things our mothers have done and sacrificed for us, but let’s not forget that some of us may also feel sad or angry, depending on the current relationship we have with either our children, our mothers, or both.  This day can also be a time to reflect on loved ones lost, who we still think of and appreciate.  Mother’s Day can also be a reminder of the constant struggle some women have to become mothers.  Regardless of your present situation, let’s not forget that mothers come in many forms, and biologically is just one way you can have a mother, or be a motherly presence in someone else’s life.

My mom sacrificed her life and identity to take on the crazy role of mom for me and my brothers.  Although maybe not in a paid position, to this day she works 24 hours around the clock, whether she is at home, in Florida, or anywhere in between.  She drove us to every practice, game, recital, school function, and everything in between, always with a smile on her face, knowing her kids were getting the best opportunities in life.  I am starting to think that I got so used to the chauffeur system that it is the reason I dislike driving so much! :)

I recognize how fortunate I am.  Yes my mom and I can argue.  And for those reading this who think you don’t argue with each other, you do.  Everyone does.  But I see a strong, independent woman in my life who I can look up to and seek advice from.  No matter how late or early it may be, I know she is always a phone call, drive, or flight away when I need her.

I am fortunate that my mom, although the biggest presence in my life, isn’t the only one.  I have been positively impacted by my grandmothers, aunts, cousins, family friends, and so many other women I’ve been fortunate enough to have in my life.  Each and every one of you has taught me something.  Some I admire for always putting family first, others I admire for the impressive work and family balance you juggle.  Everyone brings something else to the table and I have gained wisdom from it all.  

For those reading this that fall into the category of feeling more negative emotions on this day, remember those that have inspired you and those who you can inspire each day.  It may not be through a conventional mother-child relationship but there are people out there who support and love you.  Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a constant reminder of relationships failed or struggles endured, but a time to celebrate the other women in your life who have offered their guidance.  I hope we can all take the time today to appreciate the strong women in our lives whether they be mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, or friends, and try to positively impact other younger females when we can.  Happy Mother’s Day everyone! 

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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