Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! As lame as this day seems for some, I LOVE it! I’ll even admit that I am currently writing this in my flannel pink PJ’s covered with hearts!  Hearts are my favourite shape, pink is my favourite colour, and I love baking – healthy treats of course – so this day definitely makes me smile!  I was the girl who created my own Valentines and even specially put glitter on the envelopes, always making sure everyone received one.  To me, it has always been about making those around you feel special, important, and valued.  I never see it as a day for just a significant other, but more so to share your appreciation with all those you love and adore. The inspiration that sparked this post came after talking to someone who asked me if I was a Valentine’s Day person.  When I said I was of course a Valentine’s Day person, they proceeded to say how they feel bad for all of those single people out there on this day.  I was taken aback by the comment and continued to say how great of a day it is and that even though I am single I think it doesn’t change my opinion.  So, here I am today to provide you all with my list of reasons to not feel sorry for me, or any other single person, on this wonderful 14th day of February.

  1. Why am I less of a person on this ONE day of the year?  Yes it is a day where love, romance, and intimacy are shared, but just because I am not with a partner doesn’t mean that I am lesser than those who are.  I certainly hope you don’t feel bad for your single friends on other days of the year, so today should be no different.  If you answered yes, there are definitely some underlying issues apart from Valentine’s Day to address.  If you are in a relationship, remember how that special someone makes you feel day in and day out, not just today.  Every day matters.
  2. I am happy!  I am a firm believer in creating your own happiness and I am doing just that.  I would like to now turn this back onto every couple celebrating today.  I bet there are some who actually aren’t feeling as fulfilled or happy in a relationship as some of us are being single.  Happiness is an inside job and that special someone can’t change it for you.
  3. I LOVE being alone!  Everyone should experience some time alone.  It is time to figure yourself out.  It helps to establish your own values, beliefs, feelings, and emotions.  I feel independent and powerful living and functioning on my own.  Today is just a friendly reminder about all of the love I get from everywhere else – my family, friends, and my career.  I don’t need one person to tell me they love me today.  I feel the love all day and then quietly enjoy my “me time” at home.
  4. Never judge a book by its cover.  You never know someone’s complete story.  Who knows the experiences they have had in relationships.  Not all relationships are sunshine and flowers.  I am by no means speaking from direct experience, but negative things happen, such as verbal and physical abuse, or feelings of self-doubt and a lack of self-worth.  No one should be allowed that much control over you.  Before feeling sorry for someone being single on this day, perhaps this day can serve as a reminder of how powerful you are to be on your own, away from negative people and energy, standing tall!

I wish you all a wonderful and happy Valentine’s Day!  Whether you are with that special someone or surrounded by friends and family, remember that you are valued, you are special, and you are important.  I am sending all of my love to each and every one of you.   Love can come from others but most importantly, we should also remember to love ourselves. I’ve said it before; you can’t give anything if your cup isn’t full first. So if we love ourselves, then we can share that with those we care most about.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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