One Year and Going Strong

This week marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Creating a blog and page for others to connect on was a dream of mine but I was fearful of what others might think of what I had to say.  One day last year while on Reading Week, I thought “what the heck!” and did it.  One year later I am proud to say that more than just my mom is reading my posts each week!  I have learned that fear cannot stand in the way of accomplishing anything and sometimes you have to just do it (thanks Nike).

Whether your goal is a big or small, pursuing a dream requires an entire support system – always helping to keep you grounded, lifting you up when you need the support, and always having your back.  Yes, we ourselves must put in the hard work, but we need to surround ourselves with others who believe in us even more than we believe in ourselves.  My family will always be there for me, no matter how ridiculous I might be acting; I can always count on them.  One friend in particular who I owe a HUGE shout out to is Nana-Adjoa.  Nana, you – week in and week out – deal with me and my posts, helping to make sure I am getting my message across.  I know I would not have kept this up for the full year without all of your help. 

I want to thank each and every one of you who reads my blog.  It feels good to know someone has read my post when they tell me…again, for a while I really thought it might just be my mom.  It is because of the community we have built within my classes that I now have a platform to help us share with one another.  Whether we are talking in class or online, we are now a community of strong, powerful, and capable women who can conquer anything.

Now, enough about me.  This week I want to challenge you.  Take as long as you need to and think about a goal or dream you have once fantasied about.  Now ask yourself, why haven’t you achieved it? What is stopping you?  As big as any obstacle may appear, it should never stop you from pursuing your passion.  Tonight and this week, think about if this dream is something you are really passionate about. If it is, stop dreaming and start planning. It is always better to make steps toward that dream job, or new fitness goal rather than just leaving it as a fantasy. At least this way, you will know for sure how far you are willing to go to get there, or if it is time to think of a new goal more geared toward your current path. Tackle everything head on and success will be following you everywhere you go.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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