Prioritize Your Values

Coming off of last week’s post where I discussed my need to feel respected and valued in a relationship, I dug a little deeper into what exactly those values look like.  I came across an article in Success Magazine where it had you go through an exercise to identify your top 10 values from a list of roughly 50-60 words.  Below is the list that I came up with in alphabetical order:

Personal Brand

Each of the ten values listed above hold significance in my personal life.  It was easy to come up with the first 5-6, but as words were narrowed down, the last few were more difficult to choose.  It had me thinking of what truly matters to me and what the things are that I cannot settle to live without.  As my life is really starting to come together and my career is beginning to take off, there couldn’t have been a better time to reflect on my values.  This new journey of adulthood is an exciting time and I know that the goals I have set for myself can become a reality sooner if I make sure they complement what I value.

I decided to look past each word and really get to the root of what each one means to me.  Out of the long list, how did each of these words stand out to me?

Family. I talk to my immediate family every day.  It might be a tag on a ridiculous Instagram post, a text, or a phone call, but my day wouldn’t be complete without hearing from my parents and brothers.  I love each of them dearly and know that they always have my best interest in mind.  They have each influenced and shaped me into the person I am today and without them I can’t say I’d be where I am.

Friendship.  I have learned it is important to have those few close friends you can count on.  I’d rather have a few than a large group of acquaintances.  My friends get me and know exactly how to brighten my day.  

Genuineness.  This may not have been a popular choice for others but it is something that I try to practice each and every day with every single person I encounter.  As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I am genuinely excited to work with my clients and see their progress.  When you can create a meaningful connection with others, it can only lead to greater success for both parties.

Happiness.  Life is too short to not be happy! I used to let things bother me, and sometimes there are things that can still get to me.  But every day people are dying tragically and too young, attacks are happening, people are homeless and starving.  I am thankful for the life I have and have no reason to not have a smile on my face.

Health.  This is something we take for granted.  We only seem to worry about health when we become ill.  I love what I do because I can help people prevent illness as best as possible by leading a healthy active lifestyle. You can do all the things you want in your life when you take care of your body now instead of later, when you can explore, discover and see the world. 

Love.  Obviously following last week’s post I am still figuring this out.  But love can come from within, from family and friends too.  All types of love matter and have a place.  

Personal brand.  I contemplated putting this on my list to be honest.  It almost seemed a little vain to say and write down.  But after reframing my ideas I realized that my personal brand is simply a reflection on my other nine values!  I want to be authentically me, no matter how vulnerable or silly or amazing that might look like.

Respect.  We need more respect in the world. Respect for ourselves and our bodies, thoughts, and feelings.  Respect for others. Respect for our planet.  

Self-improvement.  Life changes and so should you.  Perfectionism is something I have dealt with since I can remember.  I now instead try to work on improving rather than being perfect.  There are so many facets to a person that we are provided with an abundance of opportunities to improve ourselves..

Travel.  I have got the travel bug. Not only is travel important to explore other parts of the world but it also helps create a sense of camaraderie and understanding amongst different people of the world.  

This list of 10 is my list at the moment.  Although I don’t see it changing any time soon it never hurts to reevaluate every once in a while.  I encourage all of you to come up with your own list of values.  Take time to reflect if how you are living your life is something you are happy with.  If not, make a change! When we are able to align our actions with what truly matters to us we can live a more fulfilling life. If you do not feel they align, chances are you are either not satisfied with where you are, or you need to reevaluate your values. Things change in life and so should you change with them. Our opinions, our world views, the everyday experiences – they all expose us to new ways of thinking and enjoying life. We only have one life to live and it should be done with no regrets.  Find what gives you that momentum and run with it.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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