Quality over Quantity

Life is all about balance. I am sure we have all heard that statement repeatedly in so many contexts of our lives. I think however, that it is time to take this to heart and begin applying it to more aspects of our lives.  Quality over quantity is a statement I have been living by and it has made the relationships in my life and the experiences I have more meaningful.  In this day in age we are often obsessed over the amount of followers we have on social media, the amount of friends we have in our social circle, and the number of materialistic things we accumulate.  I know, for myself, I sometimes lose track of this and get caught up in wanting and craving more.  Today, I am taking a step back to reflect on this in a few completely different aspects of my life.  I hope you too can take the time to evaluate your own life and experiences and see if you can strive to make any positive changes for yourself.

Friends.  Quite honestly, I have never been one to have a huge amount of friends.  In fact, on my first day of university I joked that I had made more friends that day than during all of high school.  On one end, maybe I am sometimes difficult to connect with but I definitely know that I have always valued true friends over the amount of friends I have had.  To say I am particular in the friend department is an understatement. I am happy to know now that I have a select group of true friends.  We are a group who share similar values, can provide our advice or opinion to situations, and who will be there through the best and most difficult moments we will experience.    I am happy to have this tight knit group of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. You all know who you are and I love you all!

Food.  My daily food consumption changes all the time and I have been trying to make adjustments as of late.  I don’t diet, but I am in the process of making overall lifestyles changes to feel better and food is just another part of it.  I am gathering a variety of different types of meals and diets and putting the pieces together to see what works for me.  Whether you are dieting or just managing food intake, it is important to remember to fuel with better quality foods.  We can eat a lot and feel full but unless we focus on the actual food content and quality, it will not have a positive impact.

Work/volunteer experience.  If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone say “this will be SO good for my resume”, I’d have a nice big change purse.  I always want to comment, “yes, but why not just do it because it is a great experience?”  We seem to get caught up in filling up the resume with a bunch of experiences rather than taking advantage of the quality of the experience itself.  I am at the stage in my life right now where I am training for new jobs but also have to decide what needs to give somewhere else.  I recognize that in my field I need to have a few quality instructor positions rather than teach at every single spot in the city and not getting as much out of it.  Regardless of you doing volunteer work to build up the resume or paying jobs, you need to ensure that you don’t try to accumulate so much that you can’t do the jobs well.  It is about the quality of the work you can produce, not necessarily the amount as a whole.

These are just three aspects of my life that I am working on.  By recognizing these three things, I have been able to have a better quality of life with each and every day that passes. I am choosing to do what I love and am able to give it all in everything I do and the relationships I have.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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