Stay in the process

This post is coming a day late because I am currently away celebrating my cousin’s university graduation in California.  With the time change it was just going to be too rushed to post last night, but I am here now :)

We have all heard of the saying about taking the time to “stop and smell the roses”, right? Well, this past week, as I talked to people who have recently graduated, I don’t think this was emphasized enough.  I feel like I embraced every moment of life in my university years, but I don’t think that everyone can truly say they felt the same.  

I think we are all too focused on the end goal of everything.  In terms of school, it’s about making it to university.  Once we get there, it’s about graduating and getting your diploma.  Now what?   For me, I found myself getting too caught up in getting in and getting out that I quickly knew I needed to make time to enjoy the journey and live in the current moment.  That meant grabbing onto any opportunity I could get experience in, in my field of fitness instructing and physical activity.  I recognized that it isn’t always about the end result, but the skills you gather and the experiences you have along the way to get you to that point.

Now that I know of many people who have become recent grads, they are left with the feeling of ‘what next’?  They became so focused on the goal of getting out that once they get there they are lacking the skills, experiences, or plans for the next step.  It leaves people feeling like they are just sitting around waiting for the best career opportunity to fall into their lap now that they have arrived at the destination.  Although it works for some people, the average person needs to put a little more effort into finding that first job after school, which will land them into their dream career. Getting to the end is definitely a measurable life milestone, but if you don’t stop to think about how you are getting there or enjoy that time, maybe by joining a club or getting a part-time job, you might find yourself asking if the entire process was worth it.

The biggest lesson I have taken away from this is to stay in the process.  Whether we are finishing school or working in a particular field, we must remember that it is about the journey that takes us to the destination and not only about the destination itself.  When we live life in the present we allow ourselves the ability to enjoy each moment, learn from each experience, and gain skills that will help us reach further.  If you really think of it, there is never an end destination because we can continue to learn and grow and shift our focus onto something else always.  

Yes, we need to all stop and smell the roses and enjoy life a little more.  We also need to take time to remember that the process is the most important part because it will allow us to stay present, learn from mistakes, grow into ourselves, and enjoy life so much more.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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