Tis the season...to keep those healthy habits in check!

Holiday season has picked up which means parties, lots of eating and drinking, lack of routine, and putting our healthy habits on hold. This time of year can be stressful and filled with little sleep and lots of socializing.  Although the physical side of things often becomes altered, our emotional and mental states can be altered too.  We can feel guilty about eating those ‘off-limits’ treats or neglecting our workout regime.  The holidays are meant for spending time with family and friends, not for feeling bad for doing it.

Instead of punishing yourself this holiday season and dreading the start of January after indulging in December, why not try to keep those healthy habits going! Below is my list of ways to help maintain our healthy habits (as best as we can!) throughout the next few weeks.

  1. Bring your workout gear and equipment with you.  We often spend lots of time traveling to visit family and friends so why not pack your workout attire with you so you can sneak in a workout while you are away.  If you’ve got a skipping rope or resistance band bring it along too! It won’t add too much space in your travel bag and can be used anywhere.  Need some inspiration? Check out the NTC app for workouts-they offer body weight workouts too if you won’t have access to a gym.
  2. Offer to bring something to your next holiday meal.  Holiday parties are usually filled with those special treats we wouldn’t normally eat and often leave us feeling stuffed.  Why not prepare a more healthy appetizer, main dish, or dessert so that you have something that will satisfy those tastebuds but also be great for your body.
  3. Plan ahead.  Don’t ditch those calendars just because we won’t have our regular structure going on a daily basis.  Know what your days and weeks will look like and try to fit in some extra sleep, workouts, healthy meals, and social time so you have time for it all.
  4. Have everything in moderation.  As cheesy and overused as this statement is, it is a good one to follow during the holidays.  We know we might miss some workouts, drink too much, eat too much, and sleep too little but pick and choose when.  Know ahead of time when you can sacrifice those healthy habits but also know that on other days you will eat healthy, exercise, and sleep lots.  You will leave feeling happy you got to enjoy this special time of year but also not down on yourself for putting your healthy lifestyle on the back burner. 
  5. Be kind to yourself.  We all deserve to let our guard down and have a little fun.  Don’t put yourself down because of it.  Be in the moment.  Enjoy the special time with your loved ones.  

This magical time of year is about making lasting memories with those we cherish most. Enjoy the moments and feel great while you do it this holiday season.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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