What I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season

Each year when Thanksgiving rolls around we are always asked what we are thankful for.  Most of us give the standard, family, friends, food, and shelter responses which are great but have we ever thought about why we are actually thankful for those things? As much as saying those things makes us sounds great and all, it is more meaningful when we are able to recognize why.  Over the past months I have done a lot of personal reflection to come to this happy life I live and experience each and every day so I wanted to share with you what I am thankful for and why.

  1. Family.  I know, I know, most of us will say this as our first response when asked this question.  However, what I have come to realize is the fact that not every family has the family bond that my family does.  My brothers and parents are the BEST family I could ask for and we support each other through everything.  I am proud of them and I know they are genuinely proud of me for my accomplishments.  The same thing goes for my extended family.  Although word seems to travel fast and no one can keep a secret, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I appreciate the relationships I have with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma.
  2. My participants and clients.  Without you I quite literally wouldn’t have a job! More importantly than that, you all inspire me.  Your commitment and dedication to not only my classes but yourselves is nothing less than impressive.  I love seeing lots of you multiple times a week because I know that you are committing to yourselves to lead healthy, active lifestyles.  Your energy is what keeps me coming back and wanting to be best I can be.  I appreciate and value all of your feedback and questions as it allows me to improve my own skills.  I not only consider you my clients and participants, but I see you now as friends and my people.
  3. The past 10 months.  I have done a heck of a lot of self-reflection since the start of the year to be in the position I am in today, feeling the way I do.  I went through a breakup, I graduated from university, I moved, and I have now entered the ‘real world’.  I have said it before and I mean it; I have never been happier.  We can never determine what the road ahead of us will look like because as much as we plan, curveballs will always be thrown our way.  I now know what I want, what I don’t, what makes me happy, what doesn’t, and what inspires and motivates me to wake up and be awesome!  I hope that each and every one of you can take time to reflect and see how satisfied you are with various components of your life.  Wherever we are dissatisfied, make a change! 
  4. My fitness/wellness community.  Community is everything.  Creating a special bond between each other is crucial.  I LOVE the community of strong people we have created through those who attend my fitness classes and can’t wait to bring you more.  Being able to surround yourself with likeminded people is amazing.  No matter how crazy life and the outside world can get, we can escape, sweat it out, de-stress and come back to our stressors with a sense of refocus.  

I hope you find time this weekend to spend with loved ones and appreciate all that you have. When you are asked over the next few days what you are thankful for, instead of the what, focus on the why.  My life is full and happy and the BEST because of the people who fill my days, the experiences I continue to have, and because I am choosing to be on a path that I am proud of and in love with.  Happy Thanksgiving!

e fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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