Fully Fearless Wrap-up

Yesterday marked the second Fully Fearless female empowerment event I ran with my 2 fiercely female co-founders.  We sold out AGAIN! We are so unbelievably thrilled to have support from friends, family, strangers, sponsors, and a tribe of women who are buying into our belief that women should go confidently in the direction they choose.  It fills our purpose to be able to provide you with a platform to sweat, connect, and grow with other awesome ladies.

This time around we offered a 30 minute express Mixed Level barre class with a personal development workshop centered around the theme of self-love.  I personally enjoyed seeing the bonds created over common struggles and experiences that have now led to new friendships and better understandings of one another.  Our team could not have asked for a better group of strong, powerful women to have experienced yesterday with.

Our event fell quite fittingly, following this past Wednesday’s celebration of women, International Women’s Day!  Although it was not exactly intended, it gave everyone another opportunity within one week to remember just how amazing they are.  Disclaimer: What I am about to say next is no new realization for me but one that needs to be discussed. I wrote an article a month or so ago on self-love regarding what it actually is and what it can mean to you.  I couldn’t help but focus on the fact that it is becoming trendy to add #selflove to everything…even when it might not actually be done.  I think we sometimes forget that just because we write something online and people like it, doesn’t mean we have actually taken action to follow through with those things we posted about.

On Wednesday, I similarly noticed all of the posts about International Women’s Day;  everyone writing these amazing captions, photos being liked and people feeling pretty good because their photos are the ones being liked.  As excited as I was to see all of the awareness being raised online, I took a step back from it all to think a little deeper.  I love and admire those who acknowledged the rights of women and celebrated our successes on Wednesday.  However, I want everyone to go that one step further.  Awareness and social media posts are one thing, but rather than just talking the talk, let’s all start to walk the walk in whatever capacity we are capable of.  In order for change to take place, actions have to be taken.  As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.  Likes on social media are great but let’s provide opportunities for women and make a real difference!  

I am proud to be a co-founder of Fully Fearless as I see this as my small contribution to bettering the lives of women by helping ignite the realization of just how great each of us are.  The more we can empower women to do more, the more change will take place.  Take a moment to think of how you as a person can contribute through your actions to make a difference.  Every step counts, regardless of how big or small it might seem.  This week, have your actions speak louder than your words.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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