Learning never stops!

Happy Monday Everyone!  This week’s post is coming at you a day late as I was taking a course all weekend and simply too tired afterwards to think or do anything! Over the last week, I have finished a book, started another, and took a powerlifting course.  I guess I am trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible!  

Exactly one year ago I finished university.  When I finished I said I would most likely never return and I still have the same feeling one year later.  I loved school and every experience that came along with it but I find in my career, I can learn more from reading books, analyzing studies, talking to others in my field, trying things out for myself and taking practical, hands on courses to give me new experiences and knowledge.  Since finishing school I have read multiple books on fitness, business, and life experiences, completed the Barreworks certification program, completed an online nutrition course, and just yesterday a powerlifting course.  I enjoy understanding and teaching various training modalities so that means I get to take courses and learn about so many different things!

As someone who has grown up being physically active, training for field hockey and later transitioning to coaching and training others, I feel like I can sometimes be stuck in my ways.  It was so long ago that I was taught how to perform a squat, deadlift, lunge, and bench press that I have my way of coaching others to do the same.  As I have trained more clients, I have quickly realized that not all verbal and visual cues work the same.  What makes sense to me doesn’t always register in someone else’s brain.  This weekend specifically and through learning from others, I have developed slightly new ways of viewing each movement with more motivation to get my clients and myself moving better than ever.

I think back to my elementary and high school days when some teachers adapted to how the students in the room reacted while others simply taught it the way they always did.  I distinctly remember the teachers who adapted and helped us learn it from a perspective that made sense to us, rather than having us meet them from their view.  As I learn more and become confident in various modalities, I am learning how to best meet my clients from where they are rather than have them conform to how I see and typically do things.  

Learning never stops.  Each day presents you with new experiences and opportunities to apply that knowledge into other situations.  What makes you the best at what you do, regardless of your field, is learning to adapt, see other view points, question things, read, take courses, and gain practical experience to help you move forward.  This weekend not only taught me tangible skills I can use in my classes and training sessions, but it also reminded me that learning never stops and we can always do more to master our craft.

Next up for me is a pre and post natal fitness course online and a kettle bell course. Stay tuned and stay motivated to never be complacent with where you are and what you think you know.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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