It's all about you

The fitness industry is a tough place for coaches and clients alike.  As a coach, you are competing with others to get your name out in the world, but at what cost?  I personally find it difficult to compete as an experienced and educated trainer when others take a weekend course and pose online showing extra skin and how to increase the size of your glutes.  As humans, I have realized we are immediately attracted to someone in a sports bra over someone looking happy and healthy in shorts and a tank.  Now, as a client looking to find the best knowledge about how to be healthy and happy, you must be SO confused!  Everyone is calling themselves an expert, wearing a million brands, posting about how they lost weight (insert whatever you are trying to sell/advocate for here), and trying to be vulnerable and/or honest…yet really, what they are probably doing is just saying what they know you want to hear so they get more likes and follows.  Sorry for sounding so harsh!

Talking to a colleague of mine the other day, we came to the conclusion that there is a lot of hype around fitness right now.  I almost see it as a trend, and I cringe while I write that.  We should all want to be healthy and active.  It not only prolongs our life, but provides us with a better quality of life while we are here! Everyone wants to be an Instagram star, posting videos of workouts online, posing in the cutest clothes, and getting the instant gratification while doing it.  Don’t get me wrong, social media is an amazing platform for any person in any industry to get their knowledge and content out.  You can reach so many people.  But, when it comes to fitness and health, I think we can sometimes get carried away with it.

There can be big hoopla around it, but at the end of the day, my job is to help motivate you on your best health and wellness journey.  Sometimes that means through inspiring you with a post online, but mostly, it is me showing up at your house or you coming to my class.  I love working in person with clients because we get to experience the ups and downs together, push through them, and come out stronger and successful on the other side.  Personally, I see it as an experience between me and my clients, and not one that constantly needs to be shared online with live videos and the like.  You set the goals, and I help you achieve them; simple as that.

To any other trainers reading this, stand your ground.  Be yourself.  Show compassion to your clients and share the passion you have for your craft.  While we may get caught up in the social media world – I admittedly do myself –  remember that it is not about you and how great you can display yourself online.  It is about your clients, the way you make them feel andthe inspiration you give them to work out and make healthy choices when you aren’t around.

To my clients and anyone else reading this who is seeking advice or coaching, question everything.  While some people with social media followings are well educated, there are lots of people in this industry who are not.  I read everything to stay informed and keep myself educated, and you should too.  Coaches are meant to make this journey yours and about you; make sure you remember that.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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