To Dad, with love

Happy Father’s Day and Birthday to my amazing Dad! I specifically saved this post for today as I wanted it to be extra special for him.  I’m not going to lie to you; it is difficult to put all the feelings I have for my dad into one small blog post.  We share a special bond (at least I think so haha) and a few paragraphs strung together simply don’t do it justice.  But here goes nothing…

Dad, you are the most generous, hard-working, hilarious person I know.  You give to all who cross your path and enrich the lives of everyone that knows you.  Whether it is giving us a good laugh, offering business advice and guidance, or lending a hand, you never let anyone down.  You worked your butt off to provide us with some amazing opportunities that I know some will never know of.  For that alone, I don’t think we could ever repay you.  

I have inherited your love of sports and humour.  You are the person I want to call when the Jays or Leafs are in a tight game, just to check in to see if you’re still breathing.  I am thankful that we have had many father-daughter bonding moments over some pretty amazing sporting games.  As for the humour, I can always count on one person laughing because I know you were about to say the same thing.

Most of all, I value the respect you have for women, especially our mom.  As I grow up, I learn more each day that respect is not something that all men give to women, something I am not used to as you have been such a great example of that.  I love the relationship that you and Mom have, sharing many moments together, but leaving space to have your own independence.  I notice that you and mom are equals…and in lots of cases, Mom rules!  The respect that you have demonstrated has taught me to seek respect, not just from a partner, but in both my personal and professional lives.  

Dad, one day is certainly not enough to celebrate how much you mean to me, so I am glad I have two days in a row.  Although I may not always show it in the best ways, I value your opinion, respect you, admire your hard work, and love you always.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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