OMG you’re like an entrepreneur?! If I received a dime for every time someone told me this I would be rich! It seems that these days everyone wants a title and a label to define who they are and what they do. I personally get annoyed with this label as it is being thrown out all too often in a world and city (if you’re in Toronto) where many people work multiple jobs, often partly for themselves to make ends meet. Let’s also take a step back and remember that business owners and entrepreneurs have been around much longer than this millennial, instant-gratification society blossomed.

The reason this term bothers me so much, even though I fall into this category, is that people like to shout from their rooftops about #entrepreneurlife…when in reality if we all have time to rant about it online, why don’t we buckle down and get work done! I get that it is a tough life - I live it every day - but I try to channel more energy into my work than stating the tough stuff about entrepreneurship.

However, to set the record straight, today I thought I might share with you the tough things I have learned since graduating two years ago and working for myself. 

  1. Life is not like Instagram. I couldn’t tell you how many times people run into me and say how great my business seems to be going from what they see online. What they didn’t see? The class of 2 people I had where I didn’t break even or the hours of planning that went into that one hour class. Instagram is now part of many people’s businesses and although some are authentic and real, we all want it to look good to engage more people in what we do. That means posting some great, well-photographed moments to share with the world. Let’s just not forget all the other pieces that go in to a well-functioning business.
  2. The work never stops. There is always something to be done! Whether it is responding to an email, posting on social media, writing a blog, planning a class, teaching a class, traveling to a personal training client, or engaging more people in my community I can always be working. With that said, it is important to create moments where you give yourself time to socialize, relax, and recovery from the never-ending schedule.
  3. There are literally no days off (unless you take them). Every hour spent working I make money, and every hour I don’t, I don’t. The planning and behind the scenes work doesn’t make me money directly but it helps me to produce the best possible experience for my community. There is no such thing as calling in sick. I do pride myself on taking time for myself like traveling or an afternoon off but I often am quick to get back to work because I want to be the best I can be.
  4. Quitting is not an option. Not everything I have done has been a huge success. However, quitting and giving up has never been an option for me. Instead, I reflect, regroup, and take what I have learned and transfer it into my next project, class, or workshop. It takes time to build up my dream of Discover You becoming a massive community of powerful women so I know each step I take, whether a success or moment of learning, is propelling me forward.
  5. Success doesn’t happen overnight. To build off of the point above, I am focusing on organic interactions, getting to know my community and building lasting relationships with the clients who come to my classes and the brand partnerships who support what I am doing. It takes time. When I asked my dad how many years it took him to feel ‘successful’ he said 15 which means I have a little ways to go!
  6. It is ALWAYS worth it. As big of a risk as it can be to be your own boss and put yourself out there with your work, it has the biggest payoff. When I see people leaving my classes and workshops with more confidence and come back again for another experience then I know that my hard work has directly effected someone else’s life. My goal of leading people on their path of self-discovery is in the back of my head with everything that I do. 

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for reading my posts, attending my classes and workshops, and spreading the positivity with others around you. Without you Discover You would not be in the position we are in, growing every day and changing the world for the better!

Yours in self-discovery,