Size doesn't always matter

“I’m a size 6. I’m not buying those pants, they are a size 8.” Have you ever said or thought this? Or maybe heard someone else say this, even if the pants fit perfectly? Once we are set in the size we are it can sometimes be tough to change our minds, regardless of how the clothing fits. My mom sent me an image on Facebook earlier this week that had me thinking more about this phenomenon. It showed three different pairs of shorts from the same company and the smallest size to the eye was actually the largest size on the tag. The caption included a reminder that size doesn’t matter.

Size really doesn’t matter. Just like your actual weight, the size of your clothes is not always an indicator of health. If anything, all it does is mess up the emotional and psychological relationship we have with ourselves. When it isn’t the size or the weight on the scale we are expecting we begin to question our bodies. If you look closer this really has nothing to do with you but everything to do with the companies who are creating the clothing in the first place. No clothing line is consistent with the other - sometimes they can’t even stay consistent within their own brand - which means your size is irrelevant.

What’s my rule of thumb when shopping?

Buy what fits me comfortably. Buy what I love right away and know that I will actually wear it outside of the change room. Use the sizing as a reference but then adjust accordingly depending on the fit.


Clothing can play a lot into one’s confidence. Love your outfit and you will stand a little taller. Feel uncomfortable in your clothes and you will constantly be readjusting all day. Buy the clothes that fit your body now, not the one you used to have or aspire to grow into. The relationship with your own self, physically, mentally, and emotionally, will thank you later for having you feel confident and give off your best self to the world!

Yours in self-discovery,