Happy 2 Years, Barreworks!

Two years ago today a few major things changed in my life. Earlier this week I shared about my injury that has changed the way I view movement forever. But today, it’s an exciting day! Two years ago today I taught my first class at Barreworks. I remember it all. It was a 7am class and I woke up SO early because I was extremely nervous. I never mentioned I was new and taught the class with confidence. Once it was over I thanked everyone for surviving my first class! They seemed to enjoy it and I have now been teaching the same 7am classes twice a week for two years!

When I took the Barreworks Certified Course in June 2016 it was the most difficult training certification that I have taken. Although I have learned a lot in all other courses I have taken, it was challenging because I not only learned new movements, but I learned how to become a better instructor in how I deliver information. Looking back, this was the best thing that has happened for my career as I have had so many opportunities since working for Barreworks.

Rachel Fackoury's 2 Year Anniversary at Barreworks, August 31st, 2018

Rachel Fackoury's 2 Year Anniversary at Barreworks, August 31st, 2018

Today, I wanted to take the time to celebrate all of the wonderful things I appreciate about Barreworks:

The staff

If you have taken a class at Barreworks you know for yourself just how welcoming the staff is to our clients. They usually know you by name, notice your new haircut, and do it all with a genuine smile. They work so hard for not only our clients but for the instructors to get classes started on time and running smoothly.


The Barreworks management has to be the best team I have ever had the pleasure of working for. The communication between all ends is great. I always feel comfortable voicing my opinions and feel supported. They have a great pulse of the studio, getting to know clients and staff, and often take class themselves to provide us feedback.

Other instructors. Not only have I made some great friends along the way but I am constantly being held accountable to stay creative as they offer some really great classes! We have such an amazing team and I love learning from my fellow instructors by taking their classes to see what inspires them. 


I began with just a few of my own classes a week and now Barreworks is my favourite studio to teach at. I love that I have had opportunities to teach new class types to allow me to grow as an instructor. Teaching barre also led me to expand my knowledge and take my Pilates certification through Body Harmonics last year - furthering my repertoire to implement in a variety of my classes.

The challenge

As I said earlier, I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone during the training process. I wasn’t used to receiving feedback and it took me a moment to reframe it and turn it into something positive. I have been able to implement my improvements into my teaching and training - I now know that if I can be open to feedback I can learn more, see different perspectives, and become a stronger coach.

The community

The women and men who have come into my class are my fuel and energy to keep going. I wake up early for my 7am crew because I know they are excited to wake up and work hard with the kick-ass early morning community we have created! Barreworks has become a place I look forward to going to teach every day - even with all of the stairs up to the third floor!

On November 13th, 2012 I took my first Mixed Level class. I knew that one day I would be working here. Thankful for the past 2 years and can’t wait for what the future has in store! Happy 2 Years Barreworks!

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury