Conquer the Holidays

Last week I talked about ensuring we don’t neglect ourselves this holiday season.  However, I am sure some of you are left wondering just HOW that will happen. Some of you may be travelling out of town to visit family and friends, others may be going home where there is no access to gym or equipment.  Besides the hectic schedules some of us our faced with, it also takes knowing what to do to stay on track this holiday season.  

Here are a few of my top suggestions of some things that I will be doing this holiday season while I am away.  Whether you’ve got 15 minutes or a couple of hours, these activities and workouts can be done.

Using workout apps.  I love using the Nike+ Training Club app when I am away because of how easy it is.  Workouts vary in time, require little to no equipment and they show you exactly how to do each movement.  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have also become go-to places for finding new workouts or ideas.  

YouTube.  Again, similar to workout apps, numerous videos are posted online that take you step by step through workouts or demonstrate exercises to do in order to complete a workout.  I personally love using the videos from Eva Redpath, Canada’s Nike Master Trainer.  She has a variety of workouts for upper body, lower body and core that are short yet super challenging.

Skipping rope.  A jump rope is easy to pack if you are travelling and doesn’t take up much space to use at home.  It can be a quick and easy way to get your heart rate increasing.  You can add variety by doing single leg jumps, crisscrossing, etc. to challenge your body.  YouTube will be a great tool to get some ideas.  You could even create your own routine yourself, for example, intervals varying between skipping and body weight exercises.

Go outside.  Walk or run around in the neighbourhood or – depending on where you are – go skiing or skating.  Find a local playground and maybe use the equipment for your workouts. Step ups on stairs or park benches work or pull ups on some monkey bars!

Follow me for the next few weeks. I will be posting some mini workout ideas for you over the next few weeks while you may be away from home and off of your regular routine. 

Happy Holidays wherever you are this season and enjoy the food and time spent with family and friends.  Let’s stay motivated so we are ready to show 2016 who’s boss!

Be fierce. Be strong. Be vibrant.


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