Reflecting as 2015 comes to a close

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this time of year is a time for family, friends, food, and reflection.  As we near the end of 2015, it provides a time to look back on the year that has passed, be proud, happy, sad, and/or disappointed on all that has been accomplished.  Some of you may have graduated, received promotions or bought a house.  However, others may have lost loved ones, lost jobs, or gone through hardships.  No matter where you are and what circumstance you may be in, know that you are grateful for life, the amazing people who surround you, and the gift of entering in 2016 with a fresh start.

A lot of people feel disappointed at this time of year.  Maybe they didn’t fulfill all of their dreams, lose the weight they wanted, or reach all of their goals they set out one year ago.  If this is you, take a step back.  Reflect on the accomplishments and progress you have made this past year and now take the time to refocus on the new year ahead.  Although there may have been shortcomings for where you intended to be at, each passing year we move forward with more wisdom and experience.  

Take the time to reflect over the next week before New Year’s Eve.  Think of how far you have come in just one year.  Set goals for yourself but with realistic expectations.  Be proud of the strides you have made.  We improve each day we are alive and not one single person is perfect.  Rather than looking at the end of the year in a negative way, instead take this time of year as a time to reenergize on what it is you want.

Enjoy the time off if you have some.  I know I will.  Happy Holidays to you and yours and thank you all for tuning in for each post this past year.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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