Father Daughter Bonding

When I told people I was going on a father daughter bonding trip some began to laugh.  When I continued to assure them that it in fact was a real thing and we were going to New York to watch the Blue Jays they were even more puzzled.  Although some people thought it was the coolest thing ever (which yes, yes it was), others couldn’t believe I would be interested in going on a trip with my dad.  I laughed at them saying that it would be the highlight of my summer to spend a few days with my dad!

The relationships I share with my family including my mom, dad, and brothers are amazing.  Although we may not see eye to eye with every single thing and have differences of opinion, we respect and care for one another deeply.  I would totally take a family trip with any one of them and know it would be time well spent.

In a previous post I spoke to the idea of making time for the important friendships in your life and the people who are in your corner.  I would argue family relationships are even more important.  Growing up my family was the one team of people I could always count on, who would stick up for me and support me through wonderful times and tough situations.  I didn’t have a ton of close friends which meant I cherished, and still do, the relationships with my family.

This September, I am heading into my sixth year of living independently, on my own, in Toronto, far enough yet close enough from my family in Kitchener. I LOVE the independence I have and enjoy city living.  However, I talk to my family every day because they are the people I want to share my exciting times with and vent to during frustrating ones.  Although I have begun my own life in Toronto separate from my family they are on my mind all the time. 

This past week in New York was about so much more than a cheesy father daughter bonding trip.  We shared so many laughs and memories that are simply irreplaceable.  If there is one thing I have learned on this earth is that things can change in the blink of an eye and life goes by way too fast.  We need to take the time to thank our parents more and appreciate our families as we grow up and into our own unique lives.  The places you live may change, and so might your hair colour, but the times shared will always be the most important.  

I am so thankful for taking time out of my busy schedule to share memories with my dad watching the Blue Jays, something we both thoroughly enjoy.  Life is too short to take advantage of our families and we need to show our love and appreciation in as many ways as possible.

e fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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