Embracing new challenges

Roughly four years ago after completing a free workout with a friend at Lululemon I discovered a small flyer for Barreworks, a fairly new workout studio incorporating a ballet barre.  Both being former dancers, we were eager to give it a shot.  We paid the $10 first time rate and let me tell you, I LOVED it!  After leaving, I told myself that one day I would be working there.  I had just begun my fitness instructor journey at that point and didn't know where it would end up.  Four years has come and gone, and I taught my first official Barreworks class this past Wednesday!

I am always looking for new ways to broaden my repertoire and experience as a fitness instructor and the opportunity came knocking in May when I applied for the position at Barreworks.  I began training in the middle of June and it has been a jam-packed summer of learning, training, and practicing.  There was a weekend course to complete, a written exam online, and then 3 separate syllabi for each of the three main classes offered. 

I have been instructing for over four and a half years and have had amazing opportunities that have allowed me to find success and ultimately the most amount of happiness in this industry.  However, now that I have been teaching for so long, I don't often get to take courses such as the ones with Barreworks where we are given one-on-one training and actually provided critiques.  Don't get me wrong, I love hearing positive feedback after my classes, but what I love even more is hearing constructive criticisms to allow me to grow and offer the best class possible.

Barreworks did just that.  It has been an intense summer, but the growth I have made as an instructor is irreplaceable.  I won't deny it; I questioned my confidence and my ability many times throughout this process.  However, I had to keep in mind that in order for me to be the best and improve, I had to open my mind up to working hard on the areas that needed most improvement. I kept reminding myself that regardless of who you are, we all can be better!

I went into my class Wednesday and didn't mention I was new.  After the class I reminded the clients that they could direct any questions, comments, and most importantly feedback to me, since it was my first class.  The looks on their faces told me my hard work and commitment to this program had paid off.  No one believed it was my first time.  The feeling I felt after class is completely indescribable and like nothing I have experienced before. 

No one ever wants to step outside of the space they are comfortable in.  No one ever wants to be told how to be better.  We all want to hear we are great already.  What motivated me was that the feedback I was receiving during the training process has also been applicable to all other forms of teaching and I have since applied my new skills in other places. Nothing great ever happens staying within the lines and close to our comfort zones.  Regardless of the situation, we need to be pushed and challenged to be better, to be the best.  I am sure thankful I did!  I am definitely #betterforit.

Join me Tuesdays at Queen St at 7am for Mixed Level and Saturdays at Yonge at 9am, and 10:15am for Mixed Level and DripBarre respectively. 

e fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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