Fully Fearless Event Wrap-up

This past Tuesday, the first Fully Fearless event took place and I am thrilled to announce that it was a success!  After years of identifying a need for a space for females and months of planning with two brilliant, like-minded females, the event has come and gone and I can now reflect on how it unfolded.

We began with an intention tree, where all participants were encouraged to write down an intention for the night on a piece of paper shaped like a leaf and add it to our tree.  As the participants arrived, our tree grew, and so did our intentions.  From there, we headed into a fitness class followed by food and a workshop on building and sustaining healthy habits.    

During the workshop we had everyone colour in a pie chart.  Each piece of the pie reflected a different aspect of our life: relationships, friendships, family, career, physical health, sleep, etc. You had to colour in each piece in terms of how satisfied you are with each area. Then, each participant selected a pie piece and identified healthy habits and a course of action to give some love to that particular piece. It was a sold out event (wahoo!), filled with powerful and fearless women stepping out of their comfort zones. It was wonderful to see so many women from various backgrounds and experiences coming together and connecting.

As a first event, I feel that it went very well.  However, upon our own reflecting and receiving feedback from participants, we see that there are some areas that definitely can use improving.  Sometimes, as much as we need to address the criticism and make changes, it is difficult when it is about you and the event you built.  We were on such a high after the event that it was hard to reflect and receive the critical feedback.

I agree with the feedback from participants, and in fact, I had written down the exact same things!  Self-reflection is always a good thing to practice.  It makes us continue to strive to be an even better version of ourselves.  So when we did receive constructive criticisms regarding the event, I reframed how I received it and turned it into a “how can we as a team offer a better event next time” moment.  

I took what we gathered through the feedback survey and my own notes on the eventand will use it to reflect on and identify my courses of action for improvement, like the pie charts we gave during the workshop.  Just like a person is always striving to be a better version of themselves, why can’t we do the same with our event?  We have created a great foundation and starting point and can only improve from there.  What I learned this week is to accept the positive feedback and the constructive criticisms because they will both lead us to more success.  Whether it is in our career, our personal life, or one aspect of that pie chart, identify the good and the areas of improvement to give yourself the best chance for self-improvement.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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