Follow Your Passion

“You’ve got it made” and “you are so lucky you are working in the field you studied in” are two catch phrases I hear often now that I am done school and working.  Apparently it is surprising to other people that young millennials can in fact have careers right out of the gates after graduation.  The job market is definitely more competitive in today’s working world, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have jobs.

I had dinner with a friend tonight, a 23 year old female who graduated in a completely different field than myself and also has a job.  We were talking about how we both get the same reactions from our peers about the luck we have to be where we are today in terms of our careers.  During our conversation, it was made evident that our generation is obsessed with instant gratification; probably from an increased use in social media, which has led us to want to know the fastest ways to reach success.  Usually this means asking people how they got to where they are and wanting to reach there ourselves as quickly as possible.

I don’t see a problem with trying to reach success as fast as we can because who wouldn’t?  However, I think sometimes we end up skipping the integral small stepping stones of experience that can help shape those bigger moments.  Both my friend and I worked our butts off, starting at the bottom and working our way up in our respective fields, to put ourselves in the position we are in today.

What was our conclusion by the end of this? Follow your passion; even if you don’t know what you want your end goal to be or where it will take you.  I personally know that I had no original intention of being a fitness professional at the start of it all.  But, each experience built onto the next and has allowed me to truly find out what ignites my spirit.  Regardless of your interest, find something that excites you.  Hard work leads to opportunities and experiences we can’t always foresee before we start.  But if you can truly be passionate about it, more likely than not, you will be happier about what you are doing and that will lead to more success.  

Never become discouraged by what others have.  Instead, use their passion for whatever it is to help motivate you to ignite yours.  Follow it and you will only be on your way up!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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