Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you were able to celebrate with friends and family and reflect back on 2015.  Now as we are a few days into 2016, gyms are packed, lofty resolutions are set, and people are feeling pretty optimistic.  Rather than setting New Year’s resolutions today, I want to show you how you can better prepare yourself to achieve more this year.  I’ve discussed in previous posts about how resolutions set in January don’t often work because people set vague goals, rather than specific ones to accomplish what they want.  Today, I hope to provide you with a slightly different approach to get more out of 2016.

Step 1. Divide up your months.  You now have 12 separate sections to focus on.  This helps to keep ourselves in check every 4 weeks and ensure we are on track.

Step 2.  Decide what your ultimate health and fitness goal (or any other goal) at the end of 2016 is.  Place that at the end of December.  Now, you will work backwards to achieve that overarching goal with smaller goals each month.  Smaller goals can help lead you to your larger ones by putting habits in place to get there.  

Step 3. Now, take each month and split that goal up.  Each week of every month will have a focus.  When you split everything into smaller pieces, it makes you more accountable and check in with yourself constantly.  

With these three easy steps, I hope you are provided with a different outlook on New Years Resolutions and how to see success.  If you do not have an overall goal for the year but instead small ones, rank them and split them up per month instead.

For me personally, I had a lot of time this last week or so to reflect on what my intentions were for 2015 and if I did in fact follow through and accomplish them.  Here is what I came up with.

My blog.  I have always had a vision of a blog where I can create a community to connect online and I created that this past year.  However, school has become busy and I stopped posting weekly on Sundays.  I only have taken one week off so far but I have strayed away from posting consistently every week.  My goal for my blog for the next few months is to get back on track.  I will do that by setting up topics ahead each week and setting aside more time during my free time to get it done.  By planning ahead each week and having a set topic, I will be better on track to post consistently each Sunday again.

Doing more for me.  I made the decision to do more for me this year and I have never been more happy.  I am doing more of what I love each day and I really do love it.  However, as I move forward into 2016 I need to continue to remind myself that although I am making strides for my career, I could always take more time for relaxing and enjoying other interests outside of physical activity ones.

This week my challenge for all of you is to not get caught up in all of the resolution hype.  We’ve got many days ahead to prove ourselves and find out what we are capable of.  Follow the three steps above and feel organized to accomplish as much as you can in 2016.  Remember how far you came last year and build off of that.  If you ended the year with disappointment, start fresh and stick to your goals.  If you made strides in 2015, keep building and becoming a better version of yourself.  Happy 2016!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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