If you can't be positive, be neutral

How many times have you had a negative thought regarding your physical image? Perhaps you hate your arms, or wish you had a Kim K rear-end? I personally have not experienced too many strong negative feelings regarding myself but, now having been in the fitness industry for over 4.5 years, I have heard everything imaginable from my clients and participants. It is sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around because my thoughts about myself have mostly been positive my entire life.  

I bring this up all of the time – which must mean that it’s become a trend in today’s world – but social media has become the best and worst thing that has ever taken off in our society.  Yes we can connect with likeminded individuals, but we can also be taken in by the ridiculousness of the ‘Instagram world’ where the only way we can post is in perfect lighting and with full hair and makeup.  My mom and I laughed today about the whole “no makeup selfie” initiative, saying all of the selfies we take (which admittedly are very few), are almost always without makeup.  Is it the pressure to keep up with others that makes us hate ourselves or is it rooted deeper into ourselves; either from remarks we received from others at a young age or maybe body parts that have always seemed inadequate?

I do not have any answers to offer you for this, and unfortunately, I foresee these issues becoming even greater for younger generations if we don’t start addressing them now.  It is our responsibility to instill confidence into young girls and women to feel great, do amazing things, and conquer the world.  It starts from within.  We need to love ourselves from the inside and let it shine on the outside.

The best way to start this movement is to look at ourselves.  What negative feelings do we have and why? We often talk negatively about others because of shortcomings we feel exist in our own lives.  From there, ask yourself why.  You may have to dig deeper than the surface to find that out. Keep asking why to every answer until you get there.  From there, decide that you are amazing and own that statement!  You have to truly believe it.  We must only have positive thoughts.  If you can’t be positive, be neutral.  Negativity brings us down, whereas neutral feelings allow us to accept our present feelings and, eventually, they can turn into positive ones someday.   

I always challenge my clients and participants to push themselves further, but to also recognize that we can’t master everything in one day.  Think of your body and the feelings you hold in the same way. All skills take time to develop, and then they are appreciated that much more because of the dedication put in to earn that success. Be positive or find positivity.  If not, keep it neutral with regards to how you feel about your body, knowing one day that you will master your feelings and accept yourself.

e fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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