Our Insta-Generation

I don’t think it is just me, but has anyone else noticed what is wrong with our generation? Why can’t we make commitments? I’ve had these thoughts on my mind for a while and as I share them with you, I really don’t know what the solution is.  I have my own opinions on the matter but don’t see how things will change on the whole anytime soon. 

When I say commitment, I am not necessarily directing it at relationships, but goals, aspirations, careers, ANYTHING! Growing up as a 22 year old I see the way people my age behave as a whole and it is downright scary.  No offence to anyone either, it’s just my personal thought on the matter.  We have grown up to receive things in an instant, whether it is a quick Google search or an instant message via whatever social media platform is in today.  We get what we want, immediately, rarely working to earn anything.  I see relationships fail, people staying complacent or envying those who accomplish amazing things.

I personally admire young people aspiring to be relentless – the best they can be in their field.  Those are the people who will stop at nothing to be the best and own whatever it is that will get them to where they want to be, in life and in general.  When I observe these types of people, I am thoroughly inspired and motivated to work hard and set my sights higher.  However, on the other hand, a lot of other people would be hesitant to reach higher, recognizing all of the work that goes into being successful and instead remain exactly where they are.  For me, the feeling of accomplishing my goals and being successful is incomparable, so it is hard for me to grasp those that just want everything to come to them, as easy as possible.

We all wait for that instant gratification on our latest photos and posts – which yes, is nice sometimes – but shouldn’t dictate how we live.  Good things come to those who work their butts off; not worrying about the competition, but focusing on what they can control and what is within their own power. I am training for my first half marathon happening on May 1st, something that a lot of people have also completed.  It is still a huge challenge for me, even though I love running.  My challenge is the scheduling and time management it takes to train and prepare properly to set myself up for success.  Interestingly enough, so many people are telling me how they would NEVER be able to do that.  Then I think, is it a matter of capability or a matter of discipline? It doesn’t have to be a half marathon, but maybe a relationship, a potential career, or just a job you want to get.  Instead of looking at what the return would be, usually an amazing outcome as a result of hard work, too often we are skeptical and put our hands up in defeat before we start, because we see it will require some hard work and effort on our end.

So, now the biggest question I have and don’t have an answer to currently…  Are we scared to fail? Or are we actually scared of the hard work?  I know it has something to do with our communicate within an instant technology and social media but maybe it is time we take risks, colour outside the lines, and be noticed.  It is time we set are goals higher and put in the hard work to get there and stay there.  Whatever your goal or aspiration is, commit to it, put in the hard work, and earn it.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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