I can see the finish line

In one month tomorrow, at 11am, I will be done school! I have three final papers and four final exams-the end is oh so near now.  Is it that obvious that I am counting down? As I talk to a lot of other students, it seems that most are just so relieved to be done and move on with graduate studies, work, or other programs that they have forgotten just how big of an accomplishment it is to complete a university degree.  I know that to date, it will be the biggest accomplishment of my entire life.  

As a society today, and especially for me growing up attending a private school, university was pushed so heavily and seen as the only route to take. People have come to forget that not everyone attends a post-secondary institution.  We have taken for granted our abilities and intellect and downplayed the fact that we are all in university.  I feel it becomes forgotten that there are a whole lot of people in this world – either older than us or ones who have yet to be born – who will never have the same opportunity.  Whether it has to do with finances, abilities, or education on the university system, a large portion of the world won’t graduate from university or college programs.  

I know that university in particular is not always the best choice for everyone. There are other careers that do not need a bachelor’s degree, and college or other programs may better suit someone. One thing I hope we do continue to encourage is the younger generations seeking more education after high school.  Some of my fellow peers will be the first in their families to ever graduate university, which will most likely lead to others wanting to accomplish this same achievement. This is not something we want to stifle, and will definitely help them grow as individuals. We never stop learning, even after school is done, so seeking out the education is never a bad idea.

The idea of becoming a university graduate and the pride it should hold has been washed away by the stress, loss of sleep, and worry that has gone on in the last four to five years.  Most of us who graduate next month are happy to get the heck out and move on.  So, for all those who are graduating, take a moment, and be proud of yourselves.  Yes, we have had lots of stress at times, lost some sleep at times, but it all comes down to this last month and then we can wear that gown with pride and know how big of an achievement it truly is.  

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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