Thanks Mom and Dad

It seems that every time I am at home alone with quiet time to think, I come up with some interesting thoughts in my own head.  And so, after some alone time this week, I’ve got another idea I want to share.

How many times as kids growing up – or now as young adults – have you heard your parents tell you how proud they are of you?  Or as a parent, are you constantly telling your kids just how proud they make you, whether they perform well on the field or get a good mark in the classroom?  The conversation is usually in that direction.  It got me thinking though.  Do we ever tell our parents we are proud of them? Hopefully we have all been raised to appreciate what we have and thank our parents, but how many times have you told your parents that they make you proud?
It is almost like when you become a parent, you are expected to be the giver, but there comes a time in a child’s life, especially as they get older, where they can truly begin to appreciate all that their parents have sacrificed and worked hard to provide for them. 

As I am now in my 23rd year, I am really beginning to acknowledge and appreciate all that my parents have done.  My dad worked countless hours to run a successful company for over 20 years and my mom gave up having her own career to take care of me and my brothers.  Growing up despite how busy our lives were, both of my parents were always present.  Whether it was a school performance, sports game, or dance show, they made sure they were there to support me.  My siblings and I were privileged growing up.  We went to Disney World, family trips, and experienced opportunities that we all recognize most people could never imagine experiencing in their lifetime.  

My parents have taught me countless lessons in life.  Below I have listed only a few to share with you:

  1. Family first.  No matter how busy work or other aspects of one’s life might become, family should always be put first.  It builds the foundation to develop solid relationships and develop a support system of those around you.
  2. Set your sights on a goal, but then put your head down and get the work done.  My parents have always allowed us to dream big.  However, they are also the first to remind me that things don’t just come to you because you wish for it.  Hard work will lead you to success.
  3. Treat others with respect.  My parents are the most genuine pair I know, always giving to others.  They are always welcoming people into their home and regardless of whom that person is or what their story may be, they are treated with the same respect and care.

Mom and Dad, I am proud of you both.  You have worked your butts off, sacrificing a heck of a lot to provide me, John, and Mark with a life we are extremely fortunate to be living.  I recognize the hard work you both have put in to set us up to live our lives successfully.  As much as I joke about having to pay back my inheritance, I could never repay you for all that you have taught me. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given, and that will never change as I continue to make you, and myself, proud.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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