My Food Rules


Have you ever gone on a diet? Have you ever questioned your food choices or regretted eating something after the fact? How do you feel after scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone’s perfectly staged meals? Food is a sensitive topic and something a lot of people struggle with. Like most other things in our lives, we tend to post about the amazing food we eat, not the time we ran to Pizza Pizza for a quick slice.

I have written about food before and after rereading my previous post my thoughts have not changed on the matter, only evolved into more reasons as to why we should not restrict ourselves. As a leader in the health and fitness world, I continue to get asked what I eat and on the other end critiqued or questioned when my food choices are not what someone else thinks they should be. Funny how that works - others critique us because we aren’t living up to the expectations they have set for us! It is my body and my business so whether it has to do with my food choices or any other choices for that matter they are MINE and mine alone.

Tonight I wanted to share my food rules with you to give some insight into my food experiences.  But rule number one is to understand that these aren’t rules at all! This is simply a lifestyle I choose to live by and it works for me.

  1. Consume little to no dairy. This is something I have personally integrated into my life for skin and digestion issues. I have struggled with acne my entire life virtually eliminating dairy from my diet has made a significant difference for me. When I reduce my dairy intake I also notice my stomach loves me for it too.

  2. Eat what I want, when I want to. I never hold off until meal time or overthink my food choices. When my body is hungry I know it needs fuel so I eat. In terms of deciding on what I will eat, it depends on my mood and when my next workout will be.

  3. Food is so much more than just fuel. As much as we consume food to fuel our bodies to survive and thrive we also make food choices based on our mood and emotions as well as the social atmosphere we are surrounded by. Socializing usually happens around food - good times are had, great food consumed and memories created, and it doesn’t always have to be a process for you to over think.

  4. Eat because you want and need to. Exercise for the same reasons. This is a HUGE thing for me. Food should not be seen as a reward for something you have done. Exercise should not be a punishment. Food and exercise complement one another but one does not replace the other.

  5. No calorie counting. Although it is now intriguing to see how many calories are on the menu items we order when we go out I pay little attention to it. Instead I put my focus on the quality of what I am eating. Think about what makes up your meal in terms of ingredients and content versus the amount of food.

  6. Everybody is different. Our bodies react differently than others to the same foods. Our metabolisms work at different rates. This is why diets don’t work (and if they did, there would only be one that existed and we would all be doing it - it is about making money!). No single plan works for everyone. Find what makes you feel right.


The tips above are mine alone. Some may resonate with you and others you may personally struggle with. Like I said beforehand, food is a sensitive topic for many and it may take more than a few simple tips to find a balance for your life. Remember that your relationship with food is something you have to work at, just like building muscles at the gym it takes time to build a positive and secure relationship with what you eat.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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