Self care isn't selfish

Yesterday I attended a nutrition-based self love and self care workshop. Although I don’t personally struggle with emotional eating, this particular topic allowed me to reflect on life as a whole. My entire purpose for creating Discover You, to lead your best life, was at the centre of attention yesterday, so it felt good to personally take the time to analyze for myself. Our food choices are affected by so many things!

I am sure most of you can agree that self care can easily, and often, be placed on the back burner. Careers, families, friends, and life’s commitments can get in the way of taking care of ourselves. As a fitness professional this is my biggest struggle because I am almost always in a giving role. What I have learned over the years, (but easier said than done to implement sometimes), is that you have to fill your own cup first before going to fill someone else’s. This is something I am definitely working towards every day. Self care and self love is not selfish. Mom, if you are reading, this is a reminder for you too! :) 


During the workshop we had to go through a checklist of things we do, or not, in terms of self care. Nothing truly shocked me as I am fairly aware of what needs improvement in my life. But, nonetheless when you take the time to reflect it is always a friendly reminder, or kick in the pants!

The following few things are simply intentions for me to try to incorporate more, not goals that I will be upset about if I don’t achieve. Life is inconsistent and from one day to the next we can’t always keep the strict regime that we initially intended. So, here is my small list of what I would like to accomplish more of when it comes to self care.

  1. Write in a journal. My mind is always racing so writing in a journal should hopefully help me focus in on all of the ideas and thoughts going on in my head in a day. I admittedly have had my 5 Minute Journal sitting by my desk for a while - I think it is time to crack open the pages.

  2. Eat a few meals a week without doing ANYTHING else! I think I am the world’s greatest multitasking human - I can check emails, send texts, eat, and watch TV all at the same time. My intention with food is to spend time being more mindful and enjoying my meals.

  3. Say no (or yes) more! I have a tendency to say yes to career related activities and no to social activities. In order to stay balanced I need to be more aware of when I say yes and no. In doing so, the work I do will hopefully be more meaningful and fulfilling because I had a choice.

Even if this list didn’t resonate with you I hope that this week you can find time to recognize an area of your life that could use more love. The Discover You philosophy is about enhancing all aspects of life to lead you to a fuller, brighter life. I look forward to watching your journey to self-discovery while I'm along side you discovering mine.

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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