Self care is more than just a hashtag

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone! Although some people don’t love the day because it is a reminder of the loneliness or heartbreak that exists, I for one LOVE the day! Hearts and pink things! What’s not to love? I don’t make a huge deal about it whether I am in a relationship or not but I still love all the love! 

With the latest trends of #selflove and #selfcare, I find that this year in particular everyone focused on “loving themselves”. I totally get it and as the saying goes, the love and respect you give yourself dictates that which you receive from others. But, what is the action being taken on this? Does it really go past making a post about loving yourself? What steps can we actually take into loving and caring for ourselves more?

As my adventure into the health and fitness world continues and I create content for events and workshops I run, I can’t help but also use those moments as opportunities to reflect on my own life.  I preach balance, rest, and moderation but sometimes, okay MOST times, I think I am falling short myself. So not only because it was Valentine’s Day, but it is about time I start doing more of it, this week I have decided to do more things for me, that feed into my energy, passion, and well-being. I know that when I do that I will feel better about certain aspects of my life that have been neglected and I will be able to better serve my community.

So what am I doing exactly?

Funny enough, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about a few things I am working on. Not going to lie to you, not all of it has happened yet. But, I have implemented some things and I have no noticed a difference already! 

Besides the short list I have created, I have realized recently just how much I value the relationships with friends and family I have. I need more of that time. I work many hours and usually lack social time so I am beginning to make that a priority again. Alone time is amazing but connecting allows me to interact with other humans…and you all know I love to talk!

I also really need to respect my body more. The insane hours I teach and the high demands of my job for my body have made me realize that my body needs more love. My goal moving forward over the next months and year is to reduce my teaching hours and spend my energy working on other projects and personal training. I will have more energy and creativity in the classes I do teach, while giving my body the proper rest and recovery it deserves. I have begun this by going back to regular physio and massage therapists and attempting to create a better recovery routine for my body.

How can you do this for you?

The best way I have clients evaluate their lives is to create a pie chart. Each piece of the pie contains different elements of their life. From there you colour in the pie chart based on how fulfilled you are in each aspect. The pieces that are not so coloured in are usually the aspects of our lives that have been neglected or could use some improvement.

Once you can identify the areas of improvement, you can then create tangible goals to work towards better self love and care practices pertaining to that part of your life.

My pie chart is listed below for your viewing. I divide it into all components that make up my life for easy comparison about the aspects that I am feeling satisfied with and the ones I am not.


Take the time this week to reflect on your own personal pie chart and see where improvements can be made.  I personally find this eye-opening when we really take the time to reflect on the areas that need improvement. The key is to be honest with yourself and focus on where you currently are, not where you are hoping to be.  My hope is that when you can reflect, you have the opportunity to make real changes that go beyond a simple post about self love and self care on social media. Happy Sunday!

Be fierce.  Be strong.  Be vibrant.


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