Staying on track while traveling

Today I arrived in England to embark on two weeks of travels through Europe! As exciting as this is for me, others may view the weeks leading up and the actual weeks spent traveling with anxiety. Why? We like to worry about the weight we need to lose before departing and stress over how we will maintain our regime of sleep, nutrition, and movement while away. I love traveling and each time I head out on another adventure I come back better understanding what my body wants and needs while traveling. Although traveling does not allow for the perfect environment, I usually go into my trips with a plan.

How do I stay on track of my nutrition while traveling?

The number one thing is to always bring a reusable water bottle. Hydration is key for long flights and having a bottle ready to go not only saves money from buying expensive bottles at the airport but it also ensures I don’t go for juice or pop on the airplane. I try to pack snacks ahead of time for the flight (thank you Mom on this trip!) to allow me to munch on healthier alternatives compared to the airplane and airport options. While on vacation I enjoy! I still aim to eat foods that will make me feel good but I don’t get hung up on every little thing. If a destination I am exploring has a special food then chances are I am going to give it a try. 


Do you still workout while away from home?

As a fitness professional, this is the time I give my body a break but also move my body for ME. I usually allow for a few days off on the first part of the trip to rest but then I try to squeeze in workouts at the beginning of the day to get my body moving and start my day off right. This time around my dad and I have planned ahead to go to the gym together - meaning we will both be accountable for one another staying on track. If a gym isn’t in the plans or at the hotel try to create opportunities where movement can be involved. Traveling can usually include lots of walking so get site seeing! Depending on the destination this could include swimming, running, skiing, or biking to allow for movement while you explore your new surroundings. Since we are staying in a small space I also plan to take advantage of working on my rehab exercises as well as pilates movements that can be done in close quarters.

But what about sleep?

Dealing with a time change is never easy and every body is different. One’s sleep schedule on vacation is also determined by what type of attractions you are interested in seeing. I am an early bird and prefer day time activities over evening and late night events so I try to get to bed early to be well rested for the day ahead. When I have a good night’s sleep, I know I will be ready to wake up to sneak in a workout and a solid breakfast before embarking on the adventure ahead. For me, sleep is imperative to setting myself up for the best possible day ahead.

We know what our ideal lifestyle should be. However, let’s not allow the stress of living up to this ideal take away from the memories we can create and the moments we can enjoy throughout our travels. Traveling the world is a unique and special experience - allow your worries and stress to take a back seat while you explore and learn from the new culture around you.

Yours in self-discovery,


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