Happy Thursday, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! This post is intentionally coming late. I didn’t want what I have to say to get washed up with all of the other obligatory Mother’s Day posts. So, Happy Thursday, Mom!

I know Mother’s Day is tough and complicated for some. It can be a day that people wish they could forget about. Sunday might have been a day where emotions erupted from past loss, heartbreak, and hurt. For those of you who felt that way, I was thinking of you. As sensitive as the topic can be, I however do not want to overlook the relationship I share with my mom. Words can’t possibly describe it all and this post doesn’t replace a massive thank you for all you have sacrificed but it is a start.

When I think of my mom and the long list of things I have learned, these few things, amongst many others, come to mind.

  1. Be independent. My mom’s motto is “I can do it better and faster”. Some might look at this as an opportunity to accept help but I see it as a way of taking action and control of the situation. You demonstrate time and time again that the best way to get something done is to do it yourself. Learn what your capabilities are and act on them. It doesn’t mean we are afraid to ask for help - it is simply a way we show ourselves that we can do it on our own!
  2. Be a giver. If you know my mom she is the most selfless woman you know. This isn’t about picking the best adjectives to describe on Mother’s Day, it is the truth. She puts everyone else before herself whether you are family, a friend, or a stranger. Mom, your natural ability to give to others is unmatched. You have taught me that when in a position to support and lend a hand, do it! When you give positivity and kindness to the world it comes right back at you.
  3. Do your best and don’t look back. I struggled with a lot of anxiety over the years and my mom was always the person who had my back. She taught me to do my best and control what I can control. She never once said to give up or give less of an effort - it was more about doing what I can and not dwelling on what could have been. It has not only helped alleviate a lot of the anxiety I experienced in school, but I now carry this thinking into my every day life as well. Worry more about what you can control and worry less about what you can’t. End of story.

The best (and maybe scariest!) part of all of this? I catch myself saying things you would say in certain situations, laughing the exact same way as you, answering and chiming in at the exact same time you do with the exact same response…I even had to listen extra close on a recent audio clip because I wasn’t sure if it was me or you! Guess that means I am becoming more like you every day? Not something I can complain about. If I can become even half as selfless as you, putting others forward I know that I am doing something right. 

Mom, keep being you. Everyone around you feels your presence when you are around and we appreciate everything you do. I want to offer you a piece of advice after all that I have received from you. Take time to find your identity again. For so many years it was us first and you second. You deserve to put yourself first before anyone else. Now, don’t forget to stop and enjoy sometime for you, not just on Mother’s Day but every day!

Yours in self-discovery,