A changing body is not a ruined body

A few months ago on a previous blog post I shared how over our lifespan our bodies change and with that comes changing appearances and ultimately changed feelings towards our bodies. Regardless of age we see changes based on puberty, injury, stress, pregnancy, infertility, overexercising, under exercising, menopause, and lifestyle to name just a few. 

From personal experience the biggest struggle has been how other people comment on my body. Since I am deemed as young and fit people often forget that I too may have insecurities. I have been dealing with an injury for the short end of two years now and have not always felt like myself, yet from the outside you might not always know. As a result when people comment on their bodies and I decide to chime in with my own struggles I am quickly told I wouldn’t understand since I am “fit”. 

Side note: NEVER comment, try to take away, or undermine someone’s feelings about their bodies. Although everyone should strive to practice positive self-talk, we can’t devalue what they are going through. Simply be there for support and encouragement. It isn’t a competition to see who feels the worst - we are all going through it within our own capacity.

The take away I always remind myself I have gained is that my value doesn’t change based on my appearance. Just because my body has changed through my injury doesn’t mean that it is ruined. My body will never be the same again - meaning that every day new obstacles and stressors are put on the body and no two days are the same. I will find strength in new ways and confidence in what I discover my body is able to do through this recovery phase.

On the same day listening to a few clients talk about the insecurities they have with their own changing bodies, @girlsgonestrong shared this image from @meandmyed.art

Change is scary. Change is confusing. We are constantly trying to fight it. To fit into those jeans. To get back to our pre-baby body. To find our physique from our varsity sport days. Whatever it is we used to be, we seem to always be chasing it. To be looking into the past trying to move backwards.

Here is some food for thought. Ever think about all of the experiences you have had within your body, all of the teaching moments, and memories created? Without those experiences your body wouldn’t be what it is today. Take back your body. Be confident in the knowledge you have gathered in that changing body, the laughs you have had, the delicious food you have eaten. That body isn’t so bad after all, is it?

All it takes is a shift in focus. Change is inevitable. Being stuck in the past isn’t. Embrace change and keep on looking into the future.

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Yours in self-discovery,