Finding Our Work Life Rhythm

“You’ve got to find balance. Work life balance.” How many times have we heard this over and over again? How many times have we tried to obtain this only to be left disappointed as we never truly end up finding it? I hate to break the news but it doesn’t exist. There is no possible way we can truly give evenly to our work and our life at the same time. But, rest assured, I have a different way of interpreting what we are all attempting to achieve with work life balance.

It’s called Work Life Rhythm. Life has its ups and downs and different paces depending on work commitments, family commitments, and time of year. As such, our priorities have to switch and adjust accordingly to make sure we allot the time needed to everything. However, as the rhythm plays along, we notice that certain beats (or commitments) are stronger. All that means is that we give more to some and less to others during those times

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For example, I have been working every day including weekends for the three weeks. I LOVE my job and the opportunity came to work more so I chose to take it on. What does the rest of my life look like now? It might mean my condo isn’t 100% tidy (sorry Mom!) and I haven’t seen or been as connected to my friends. But, I know that I take the work and focus in when it is here and I can enjoy my time away at a later date when it works.

Especially as women, but men too, in a world where we share everything all the time, we like to give off the idea that we have it all together at all times. A clean home, workouts completed every day, perfect sleep, meal prep stocked up in the fridge, high energy, and the perfect photo to prove it. Realistically, the way I see it, if we have all of that in check, chances are we aren’t working because let’s be honest, who has time to do ALL of that and kick butt in their job?

So how the heck to we achieve work life rhythm?

Set realistic standards. Sometimes we just won’t get it all done in one day. Be realistic with the time you have and the commitments needed to be carried out. It might mean takeout one night, laundry piled up an extra day, and an unmade bed so you can stay at work an extra hour or two to put your time in that day. Every day is different so be practical about what you have to work with.

Recognize where your time and energy needs to be put. As mentioned above, we need to let go of wanting to be in 2 or more places at once. Choose your current priority and do it well. Allow those priorities to change as your days, weeks, and months evolve.

Worry less about what other people think. I think this is just a general life rule but forget about how others are viewing you. If they think you spend too much time working or not enough time doing life stuff that is their issue and not yours. You need to know that you are making the best decisions to benefit you and your family/friends around you. Chances are, the people from the outside making judgements are probably wondering how you are keeping your work life rhythm in check.

Move on quickly. If things are becoming out of whack quickly, let that day go and refocus on tomorrow. We can’t dwell on the things we didn’t complete and allow them to continue on that downward spiral. Regroup and reflect to make sure your find the rhythm that works for you.

Practice self care, compassion, and love. No matter where you are investing your time and energy and how you choose to play out your own rhythm remember that you need to fill your cup so there is something inside to help pour out to others. The important thing is to recognize the tools you need to be able to do that.

Everyone is on their own path to finding the rhythm that works best for them. By using the above tips my hope is that you are better able to see that different aspects of our lives require more attention at certain times. No matter how far our lives have us stray away from it we can always find our way to get back in our groove.

Yours in self-discovery,


Self CareRachel Fackoury