Are you into titles and labels?

Labels and titles. I don’t know about you, but I feel like everything and everyone has got one these days. Some are legitimate, some are self-proclaimed; but regardless, you’ll know about it because everyone has it in their email signature and their Instagram bios. It actually makes me LOL (that’s laugh out loud Aunt Monica, not lots of love) when people feel the need to give themselves these labels and titles. Think about people’s LinkedIn profiles…sometimes I wonder what the actual job is based on the glamorous titles given. In a world where everyone is trying to be a somebody, I am not surprised that we describe ourselves in any way to sound superior.

I’ve also noticed that we have to label and categorize EVERY single thing we do. The first few things that come to mind are: #selfcare, #cleaneating, #selflove, and #entrepreneur.  It’s like we feel the need to justify and explain our every move, so as long as we add one of these tag words or categories, it validates what we’re doing. It is almost as if we are overanalyzing our every move and can’t simply live without feeling the need to defend it.

DY Blog April 10th 2019

This also stems from the world of over-sharing we live in. Why do we have to share everything we do? Sometimes you can just have a bubble bath for the sake of having one, or workout because it feels good. Not everything we do has to be labelled as self-care or otherwise. Just do it because you want to. 

The things we should be worrying about:

  • the ACTUAL job we are doing

  • the quality of work we produce

  • the relationships and connections we are building, fostering, and engaging in 

  • working hard to build a reputation and something you are proud of

The things we should STOP working about:

  • the titles and labels

  • the glory

  • the followers

Yours in self-discovery,