How do you handle burnout?

Today, it is ironic that I want to spend some time talking about burnout. I haven’t written in over two weeks because I have been experiencing a little taste of burnout myself lately. In fact, I began writing this post two weeks ago and haven’t been able to finish it since. While I am usually quite good at monitoring my schedule and easing off when needed, neck tension, headaches, and a small sore throat have caught up with me. So today I want to talk about full calendars, burnout, and what I have seen other people refer to as “hustler’s guilt”.

Being busy does NOT equate to being productive. Running yourself to the ground to be all things to all people doesn’t make you function at your best. Comparing yourself to others’ success only leaves you feeling inferior, wanting to chase unrealistic goals to try and reach where you feel others have already gotten. 

DY Blog May 2nd 2019

Today, I have put together a list of things that I try to abide by while trying to run my own business, give as much of myself to others, enjoy time for me, all without burning myself out.

Blank space in your calendar doesnt always need to be filled. Some days and weeks I am better at this one but remember that free time in your schedule do not mean something has to be scheduled into that time slot. Free time, time for you to spend on yourself is okay. This time is usually when we can fill our own cups and recharge ourselves for the rest of the busy time in our schedules.

Keeping up with others will get you nowhere. It is easy to compare ourselves online and question our hard work up against someone else’s but the truth is everyone is on their own path. Feeling guilty for seeing someone else hustle while you rest or take a break will only leave you feeling more worried. Allow yourself the time to rest and recover so that you can get back to the grind with focused energy.

It’s okay to say no or cancel plans. A lot of people find they say yes to everything only to be left feeing overwhelmed when the time comes to actually follow through. If you fill up your calendar with too many things you can feel anxious about making it all happen and most likely not enjoy the company of those around you as much. Instead, say no sometimes or reschedule your plans. I have had to do this lately and I know that the people on the other end understand and respect that I need some time for me. I would much rather give out my energy 100% than feel like I am showing up out of obligation.

Say yes to those who motivate and inspire you. On the other end, find the people who make you want to achieve more, reach higher, and be alongside you for the ride. Life has its ups and downs, but knowing you have a supportive network to fall back on makes the hard work seem more attainable. They will be there when you need help, but also as a reminder to take care of yourself so you avoid burnout and can be your best self to those around you.

I would love to say that I am great at doing all of the things mentioned above, but the truth is every day and week is different. Recognizing that both our professional and personal lives will have ebbs and flows to it can make those moments where we have to dig deep and break through worth it, knowing we can be rewarded on the other side. It just takes some simple reminders to listen to your body, mind and heart, when it needs a quick break to recharge before pushing on ahead!

Yours in self-discovery,