How to find your own fitness inspiration!

If anyone knows just how overwhelming navigating the fitness industry is in 2019, it is the people who work in it. My Instagram newsfeed is flooded with the hottest new workout class, the latest supplement we should all be taking, and the best super foods we should be eating. The only thing we know for certain is that this world is constantly changing. Today I thought I would share my top tips on how to navigate the noise and focus in on how to feel amazing and treat your body and mind right.

Find a great team of health care practitioners you can trust. Find a fitness coach/trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, family doctor, physiotherapist - whoever! Surround yourself with professionals you know are educated, experienced, and have your best interest in mind. They can not only help keep your body in its best condition, but you can seek advice from them when you research for yourself.

Identify between the fitness professional and fitness enthusiast. There are plenty of fitness accounts to go around on social media. Some are professionals with years of experience and continuing education in the industry, others are those extremely passionate about movement. Both types of accounts and people can be motivating and inspiring but when it comes to actual advice be mindful of who you are choosing to listen to.

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Not all workouts are meant for everyone. Alongside these fitness accounts comes endless workout videos with inspiring messages hoping you will give it a try. Remember that strength training is important (and that is ACTUALLY how you build a booty!). What feels good for one body might not respond well in the next. Find what makes you feel your best and help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Evaluate where you are at. Check in with your sleep, stress levels, energy levels, nutrition, mood, and hydration before giving anything a try. Every workout has a different intensity and requires something different of your body and mind. Recognize what you have to give that day before jumping into a new workout simply because you saw it online.

I hope these few tips help keep you on track, inspired, and reduce the chaos that can be the wonderful fitness industry. I am always here to help you navigate and live your best life.

Yours in self-discovery,