Fall Reset Week 1 Recap


This past week we kicked off our first ever 8 week Fall Reset! If you aren’t familiar with our programming Fall Reset is an 8 week program that is completed at home and/or in person focusing in on various pillars of health including movement, stress management, sleep, nutrition, and self care. The women gathered last week to meet as a group to discuss goals and intentions for the 8 weeks ahead, connect with others in the program, and to set aside a few hours of time for themselves.

What I loved most about our kickoff event was that women of all ages, experience levels, backgrounds, and careers all came together and guess what - they ALL struggle with the same things! It was reassuring to hear that we are not alone and that life is a balancing act at any age as our priorities and commitments shift.

Each week the women are given a different focus to help break down our 8 weeks into smaller components and Week 1 was getting 7-7.5 hours of sleep. This is a tough one for me so I included some of my tips and tricks to help ensure this happens. I am sure you know but our sleep is the time our bodies rest, repair, and recover, but our quality of sleep affects our mood, stress, energy, and movement and nutrition choices the following day. Very important!

My tips and tricks to getting more sleep include:

  • shutting off my TV or at least muting it while I get ready for bed

  • beginning my routine earlier - 9pm instead of 10pm so I am in bed by 10!

  • setting my Fitbit to remind me to sleep. I was proud to actually be in bed most days before the reminder this week

  • showering, face washing, teeth brushing happens earlier so I don’t wait until it is too late to start the process

Some things I still need to get better at include:

  • sleeping with my phone on airplane mode or in a different room

  • stop scrolling earlier

  • stop responding to emails earlier. I need to give myself a hard time of when I stop responding at night and choose to respond the following morning.

*because everything happens so quick at the click of a button a few emails or scrolls turns into 30 minutes of wasting time I could be sleeping!

What are your sleep hacks to ensure you are getting enough rest? Next week we are aiming for 10, 000 steps a day - the real focus is to check in on incorporating movement throughout your day especially for those who have desk jobs. Get stepping!

Yours in self-discovery,