Would you still exercise if it didn’t change your body composition?

Would you still exercise if it didn’t change your body composition?

Exercise is definitely about the physical - we can set goals to get stronger, lose weight, hold a plank for a minute, maintain our weight, and accomplish new physical tasks. But, what about all of the other stuff? Movement is so much more than just the physical results we see. Today, living in an online world, we can get caught up in our appearance much easier. Of course we do! When we share pictures, even if the messaging and caption is about something different, we are all quick to comment and compliment people on their abs, legs, bum, arms, etc. It’s no wonder we can get carried away with the physical attributes.

Scroll through your Instagram feed. How many people are half-naked flaunting their bodies post workout? It’s amazing if that makes you feel confident and comfortable - however I think it has gone so far that we post these photos because we want to get instant gratification from others. As great as that can be in the moment, we don’t want to lose sight of the other amazing reasons we move. Being proud and seeing physical changes is just one reason.

DY Blog Post March 14th 2019

Why do you exercise? Take a moment to think about that. As much as we can list off the physical things, there is just as long a list of other things.

Movement can:

  • reduce stress

  • increase energy levels

  • release endorphins and make you feel really good

  • provide you a break mentally from the rest of your day

  • challenge coordination and mind-body connection

  • and so much more!

So now think again - why do you exercise? The physical traits and results are amazing but remember that movement is not only good for your body, but also your mind and your soul.

Yours in self-discovery,