Stop waiting, start doing!

“Once Christmas passes, I’ll get back into my healthy eating routine.”

“As soon as my exams are done for the semester I am going to come to your class!”

“After the kids go back to school I’ll go back to the gym.”

Sound familiar? Me too! Our days and months go in phases, ebbs and flows of falling in and out of routines. Life happens… to everyone. No one is exempt from the challenges and constant pushes and pulls in all different directions. We do, however, have the power to control how we handle it and how we best take care of ourselves when we fall off the tracks and things get overwhelming.

I often get asked how I manage everything I do - the classes, the various studios, my clients, workshops and events. My response? I just do it. I don’t always feel like a superstar at managing my time and getting everything done, but I put my best foot forward every day and try; because honestly, what is the alternative?

If I have learned one thing (okay I’ve learned a LOT!) lately, it is that there’s no guarantee to be doing what you love, and with the people you want, every day. Each day is a gift. If there is something you want to do or not, or someone you want to be with or not, make it happen, NOW.    

DY Blog March 24th 2019

So how do you stop waiting, and making excuses and start doing?

Identify what it is you want, think, or talk about doing. For some people it might be going for a walk every morning. For me, it is about doing more “fun” non-work-related things and more socializing. I’ve got the career stuff down (sometimes :P), but the rest of my life could use some balance. Write it down and recognize where it exists. Is it work-related, relationship-related, social? See where you want to create these new priorities.

Brainstorm what that looks like to you. If you are wanting to get in shape, maybe it means enlisting a friend to join you for group classes 3 times a week. For me, I have decided on a few things that I want to do for me and found friends who are interested too! I am taking my first tap class in 10 years tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Put it out to the universe. Okay, now I’m not usually one to believe in the universe having power, but sometimes by saying things aloud you can find support from those around you. I find that by speaking aloud I find people who have similar interests - hence the tap class tomorrow with a friend who has been going! By building that support network you get to grow closer with those who want to see you at your best and will in turn help you stay accountable.

Make a plan. As natural as we want to believe it can be to fit in those gym sessions, healthy meals, and fun, most things require an action plan. Write it down on your calendar, put it in your phone, and make time for the things and people that are most important to you. Life is busy so take the time to make sure you’re living it how you want.

Whether it be a fitness or nutrition goal, or simply saying yes to things that make you happy, go for it! Stop waiting for the right time and make today the perfect moment. 

Yours in self-discovery,