My social media frustrations!

I may lose likes or followers after this post, but I have felt a strong need to share my thoughts on today’s topic that I can’t be afraid of how it is interpreted. As much as I write these posts to share with everyone else, I am writing it for myself too. So here I go! 

For some time now, especially since finishing school and working in the fitness industry full time, I have noticed a shift in focus. Instagram runs our world and fitness community! That Instagram outage the other day - people actually had to fill their time with REAL interactions because they couldn’t hide behind their devices! Besides the fact that influencers have been blowing up all over, what boggles my mind the most is the sexualization of fitness! I have been wanting to share about this for SO long but didn’t know if I could piece the right words together. 

To make a quick summary if you don’t feel like reading this entire post today - why does every post have to be of naked bodies, sexy poses, and then called fitness?

DY Blog March 21st 2019

If you have time to read, let me delve a little deeper…

I am a huge advocate for female empowerment. If something empowers you and makes you feel confident, even if it is not my personal preference, I support you. I am no better than anyone else for voicing a different opinion, but the least I can hope for is respect in return as I share mine today.

Based on my recent blog post, fitness is more than just the physical. But I would be naive to say that we don’t all work out to also look freaking awesome! Who doesn’t love a good compliment after your hard work and dedication to your body? My problem lies in the fact that we seem to over-sexualize these accomplishments and show off a lot of skin while we’re at it.

There are many ways to represent yourself online. You do you. What is difficult for me to grasp is that the photos showing skin get more likes and attention (albeit not always for the best intentions). I have always been curious to post two captions that are the same with two separate photos, one being more modest, and compare the results. A friend once told me, “sex sells.” Welcome to 2019, Rachel!

I guess the point I want to make today is this - do you. I will support both types of photos, because I hope deep down whatever you post fulfills YOU. However, I just want to put a reminder out to the world that we are still knowledgeable, worthy, and dare I say even sexy human beings, if we just smile, look natural, and pose less in our next IG photo.

Yours in self-discovery,